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How WellBe Can Help Seniors Age in Place

“I can’t tell whether dad is taking his medicine.”

“Mom forgot to turn off the stove last night.”

“Gram gets mad when I remind her to lock her doors…but what happens if I don’t?”

As seniors age, the question looms: Are they capable of staying at home, or do they need the support of an assisted living facility?

Families should always follow the guidance of medical professionals. But sometimes, all a senior needs to remain home safely and comfortably, at least for the foreseeable future, is an added layer of support.

Providing this support is Handsfree Health’s sweet spot. WellBe is the HIPAA-compliant, voice-activated in-home speaker designed to monitor the small but critical aspects of everyday living that can fall through the cracks as seniors age.

WellBe helps seniors age in place in three critical ways:

WellBe Helps Seniors Stay on a Medication Schedule

WellBe’s reminder feature is a user favorite – and for many, a saving grace.

WellBe lights up to remind seniors to do any number of essential tasks at designated times, from taking and refilling medication to scheduling and going to doctor appointments (including annual preventative screenings). WellBe can be programmed to remind users about non-medical to-do list items, too, like sending birthday cards, paying bills, and checking that doors are locked before heading to bed.  Not sure a senior can program these reminders themselves? Designated family members and caregivers can actually manage the WellBe device remotely, from anywhere, using the companion smartphone app.

In addition to these reminders, Wellbe also asks for a verbal confirmation that they have taken their medication or are still going to their doctor’s appointment. WellBe will alert a family member if a confirmation isn’t received – a valuable extra line in making sure a senior is on schedule and safe.

WellBe Keeps Seniors Connected to Health Answers

Healthcare is the most searched topic on the web, but typing and reading from a screen can prove challenging for some seniors as they age. Even more, it can be tough to differentiate between reliable and questionable online health sources – especially for a population that didn’t grow up surfing the web.

“WellBe, what are the symptoms of the flu?” is one of the hundreds of thousands of health-related questions a senior can ask WellBe. Wellbe will respond aloud with answers from a reliable and secure medical source.

WellBe Keeps Seniors Connected to You

By making sure essentials are handled, WellBe spares families the job of constantly asking seniors if they’ve taken their medicine or followed through on tasks. This helps seniors maintain their dignity, and even more, allows family and friends to shift their conversational focus to more enjoyable topics.

Many people say that using a voice-controlled speaker is like talking to a friend. Whether you feel that way or not, there’s no question that WellBe is the added support many families and seniors want and need – and the key to keeping some seniors safe in the home that they love.