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Your Virtual Healthcare Assistant for the Seniors

Caring for residents is a full-time job. Say hello to the newest member of your staff by adding a helping hand – and voice – to your team with the WellBe® smart speaker. Ready to tackle healthcare questions and offer reminders day or night, WellBe® is your 24/7 helper and virtual assistive device for the elderly. Easy to install, even easier to use, voice recognition technology is ideal for older adults. Residents ask questions and get answers fast. Tracking health data keeps everyone informed: you, your residents and their families. WellBe® is more than a voice in healthcare. It’s a co-worker.

WellBe® for Senior Living Facilities

The voice-enabled virtual health assistant to help senior living facilities keep residents on track to better health and wellness, with WellBe®.

Health and Wellness

WellBe® is designed to help residents live healthier. WellBe® tracks blood pressure, glucose, weight, and provides reminders for medications, appointments, daily activities, and more.


WellBe® plays music, reads audiobooks, provides weather forecasts, news reports, and more. Residents can stay entertained and connected to the world around them.

Medical Non-Adherence

WellBe® helps combat medical non-adherence by providing medication reminders, prescription refill reminders, and notifies residents when it's time to schedule or keep important medical appointments like annual physicals, mammograms, flu shots, colonoscopies, and more.


See how to quickly add service and value to your facility with WellBe®. The innovative technology for older adults helps residents stay healthy and informed.

Just say,
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