Choosing the Best Smartwatch for Seniors in 2022

Woman pushing her mother in a wheelchair along an outdoor path.

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”

Senior man sits on a bench in a park and relaxes in the sun.

Because those decades-old commercials became a pop-culture punchline, older adults don’t always embrace traditional medical alert devices. However, the danger of falling is no joke, and more than one out of four older people tumble each year. 

Seniors need a way to call for help in an emergency when no phone is available. Today, a smartwatch for seniors can give older adults and their family members essential health data in real-time, access to emergency services, and peace of mind. Read on to learn about the benefits of a smartwatch for seniors and which one you should buy.

Smartwatches Can Support Medical Alerts and Emergency Calls

Devices capable of sending medical alerts can be lifesavers for anyone who lives alone with a health concern or takes medication that puts them at risk of a fall. 

But traditional devices—usually a button on a neck lanyard—can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Seniors often see such devices as constant and unwelcome reminders of their increasing age and fragility. If someone hates how an accessory looks or makes them feel, they simply won’t wear it.


On the other hand, smartwatches are a much better option. On the surface, they look like sleek watches or fitness trackers that people of all ages wear. They can even add an element of style to a senior’s wardrobe while providing life-saving technology. 

Thanks to their many advantages over traditional senior care technology, smartwatches for seniors are growing in popularity. In addition, with more older people aging in place, the medical alert wearable market will increase to $9.6 billion by 2025, research indicates. The new generation of senior technology enables seniors to live independently and confidently, knowing that they can make an emergency call from anywhere and at any time. 

Additional Features for Today’s Seniors’ Safe and Active Lifestyle

The best medical alert devices boast a range of features, making them total health watches for seniors. These features often include: 

  • Heart rate monitor to identify potential problems requiring immediate medical intervention.
  • Pedometer to record such health data as steps taken and calories burned, and to set new physical activity goals.
  • GPS location services, making it easy for emergency personnel to rapidly reach a senior in case of an emergency.
  • Water-resistant devices to let seniors call for help even while bathing or swimming. 
  • Two-way communication with a trained operator at the touch of a button means help is never farther away than an older adult’s wrist.
  • Integration with other smart devices that provide medication and appointment reminders helps seniors stay on top of daily health routines.

The ideal smartwatch for seniors offers such features in a simple, stylish, easy-to-use device that gives older adults flexibility and freedom to live safely and actively in their home or senior living community.

Questions to Help You Choose the Right Watch for Seniors

The growing medical alert device market means you have many options. As you compare different devices to find the one that best suits your loved one, consider these questions:

Group of seniors is playing chess and smiling as they have fun together.

  • Is the device comfortable or heavy and intrusive?
  • How do emergency alert services work? Who answers the calls?
  • What is the device’s range? Is there a base unit, and how far away from it will the device work?
  • How long is the device’s battery life? How is it charged?
  • Will the device work in only a specific geographic area?
  • Does setup require downloading extra software or updates?
  • How loud is the speaker?
  • Is the screen easy to read?
  • Can family members and other emergency contacts connect to the device? How?
  • Are health data and other information stored on the device secure?

Choose the WellBe® Smartwatch for Extra Peace of Mind

While everyone is familiar with distressed seniors in ‘90s commercials that became pop-culture punchlines, senior care technology has come a long ways since then. However, many of the first senior care technology companies have fallen behind their competition. Multiple founders of the industry still use a dated, plastic pendant with a button that stops working as soon as you leave home. 

While the initial creators may have paved the way for senior assistive technology, there are better contemporary options for your senior. As a present-day industry-leading piece of senior care technology, the WellBe Smartwatch offers all of the essential features you could want. In addition, the watch stores health data on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, ensuring complete privacy. Also, when paired with the voice-activated WellBe Smart Speaker, it lets seniors easily:

  • Monitor their physical activity and health data.
  • Get the reminders they need to stay on track with health providers’ instructions.
  • Communicate with friends, family, and emergency contacts.

The WellBe Smartwatch and Smart Speaker can also integrate with a mobile app. Family members or other caregivers can use this app to stay updated on their loved one’s well-being.

If you want extra peace of mind about your family member’s health and safety, shop for a WellBe Smartwatch today.

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