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Drug Name: Cytotec (Generic) Cytotec (Generic) Cytotec (Generic)
Tablet Strength: 200 mcg, 100 mcg 200 mcg 200 mcg
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Using of Cytotec for keeping your stomach healthy

Cytotec is a mention that can be used for prevention of occurrence of ulcers in stomach during treatment with NSAID and aspirin. The medications like NSAIDs and aspirin can be used for the treatment of different health problems, including fever, pain, arthritis, and inflammatory conditions. Cytotec is helpful thanks to its ability to replace protective substances and reduce stomach acid. Do not use this mediation if you are not prescribed with it by your healthcare provider. Usually, Cytotec is prescribed for the treatment of the mentioned above conditions in the dosage of 200 mcg to be taken 4 times a day.  Since different factors should be consider for prescribing this medication in the right dosage, your healthcare provider may change the dosage of this medication for you.  You should in your turn only to follow the recommendation of your healthcare provider when using this medication.

If you take Cytotec and need to also use some other medication, you should be very careful. There are 57 medications known to interact with Cytotec. 1 of those medications is able to cause major drug interaction, 23 medications are able to cause moderate interaction and 33 medications are able to cause minor interaction. You should always check on possible drug interaction before you take some medication along with Cytotec.

This medication is not suitable for everyone. If you have some problems with your health, you may not be recommended to use this medication.  You should ask your healthcare provider if this medication would be right and you will need to tell if you have some problems with your health.

Possible side effects after the use of Cytotec

If you use this medication, there is a chance to have some side effects. The most commonly met of them are stomach pain and diarrhea. You may also have other side effects if you take this medication, including fever, dizziness, chest pain, blurred vision, irregular heartbeat, headache, mood or mental changes and others.

Getting Cytotec from online pharmacies

If you want to purchase this medication for a good price, you should make a small search on the Internet and buy Cytotec online. You will face no problems when purchasing this medication online and you will appreciate fast and easy ordering process. You can buy Cytotec online from that online provider whose conditions you like the most.

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