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WellBe from HandsFree Health

The Smart Healthcare Assistant Platform

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Trying to find accurate medical and insurance information is no easy task. You need WellBe® from HandsFree Health, the leading voice-activated healthcare assistant. If you have medical questions, just ask. If you need insurance information, just ask. If you want reminders for medications and doctor appointments, just ask. If you want to manage your health and your life, just ask. WellBe® is the easy and safe voice-activated assistant, built on a trusted, HIPAA compliant platform. Need help? Just ask.

WellBe® Platform Features

WellBe® provides features to make accessing healthcare resources easier than ever before. WellBe® can help keep you compliant with medications, doctor’s visits and even answer questions about your health insurance. Plus WellBe® offers optional 24/7 Emergency monitoring.

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24/7 Emergency Monitoring

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Remote Registration - Setup and Manage from Anywhere

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Medication and Appointment Reminders


Music & Audiobooks

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Weather Forecasts

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How It Works

WellBe® makes taking care of your health as easy as talking and asking questions. Simply say “Ok WellBe, …” and ask your question. Using voice recognition technology, WellBe® even knows which members of the family are asking questions and can provide members specific personalized information.

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WellBe® Virtual Assistant App

WellBe® Virtual Assistant app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to set up your custom profile, stay connected with loved ones, and manage your healthcare information and notifications from anywhere.

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Room Filling Sound

The WellBe® smart speaker was designed for interaction and entertainment. Beyond its 4 integrated microphones for far-field voice control, this small speaker delivers big sound with internal speakers engineered to fill any room with rich layers of sound.
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Universal Registration

Setup and register WellBe® from anywhere using our patent pending Universal Registration. With Universal Registration, you don’t have to be present to setup WellBe®. You can even connect WellBe® to WiFi remotely. Simply use our WellBe® Virtual Assistant app and you can setup a device from anywhere as well as enter medication reminders, notifications, pharmacy, contacts, and more.
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WellBe® Emergency Alerts

WellBe®’s Emergency Alert option provides you with the security of knowing assistance is available 24/7/365 though our US-based monitoring center.

Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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