How to Choose the Best Medical Alert Smartwatch for Your Loved One

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Senior woman smiles while looking at the smartwatch she is wearing.

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”

Older woman with cane needs emergency assistance after a fall.

Thanks in large part to a memorable series of commercials several decades ago, traditional medical alert devices aren’t always embraced by older adults. But, what if there was a less conspicuous option that offered the same access to emergency services but with additional features? 

There is a better option. WellBe®, a premier voice-enabled virtual health assistant, offers one of the best medical alert smartwatches in addition to the smart speaker. Together, these devices offer aging adults and their families peace of mind and better control over their health. 

How the Best Medical Alert Smartwatches Support Well-Being 

For anyone with a health concern or who takes medication that puts them at risk of a serious fall, or for people living alone, a medical alert device can be a literal lifesaver. However, many people feel uncomfortable wearing a traditional device, which usually includes a button worn on a lanyard around their neck. These devices are often conspicuous and serve as an ongoing reminder that they are getting older and increasingly frail—even when they are still active. 

A medical alert smartwatch is first and foremost a lifesaving emergency device, but it looks and functions like other devices worn by all ages. Even though their primary function is to alert emergency services when necessary, a watch is less obvious—and less intrusive—than a traditional device worn around the neck. HandsFree Health WellBe Smartwatch with a white background.

In fact, the medical alert market, especially among wearable devices like smartwatches for seniors, is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Research indicates that the medical alert wearable market will increase to $9.6 billion by 2025, driven in large part by the aging population and the growing trend of aging in place. Wearable devices like smartwatches support seniors’ ability to live independently in their own homes, with the added peace of mind that help is readily available when they need it. 

The Many Benefits of Smartwatches for Seniors 

In addition to being less intrusive and looking more stylish than other devices, the best medical alert smartwatches offer additional features and benefits that support a healthy, active lifestyle. These often include: 

  • Heart rate monitor to identify potential problems that require medical intervention quickly. 
  • Pedometer, to monitor physical activity and set goals. 
  • GPS location services, making it easy for emergency personnel to get to the location quickly. 
  • Water resistance. The device can be worn while bathing, swimming, or even during activities like gardening without worrying about it getting wet.  
  • Integration with other smart devices to provide health information and updates, including appointment and medication reminders.
  • Two-way communication with a trained operator directly from the watch. Just a touch of a button is all it takes.  

Ideally, a watch for seniors offers these features in a simple, stylish device that’s easy-to-use, allowing older adults the flexibility they need for their active lifestyles. Above all, though, wearing a watch helps active seniors maintain their independence while staying safe and in control of their well-being. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Watch for Seniors 

The growth in the medical alert device market means you have many options from which to choose. As you compare the different devices to find the one that works for your loved one, consider the following questions:

  • Is the device comfortable to wear? Is it heavy or intrusive? 
  • How do emergency alert services work? Who answers the calls?
  • Is there a range on the device? Is there a base unit and how far away from the base unit will the device work?
  • What is the battery life? How is the device charged? 
  • Is the device limited to a specific geographic area?
  • What is involved with setup? Do I need to download extra software or updates?
  • How loud is the speaker? 
  • Is the screen easy to read?
  • Can others connect to the device, and how?
  • Is the information on the device secure and private? 

Evaluating any medical alert device with these questions ensures you make the best choice for your loved one. 

Choose the WellBe Watch for Extra Peace of Mind 

The WellBe Watch offers all of the key features you want in a medical alert device and more. Pairing the watch with the voice-activated WellBe Smart Speaker allows seniors to automatically and seamlessly monitor their physical activity and health information, get the reminders they need to stay on track with their health provider’s instructions, and stay in touch with friends, family, and emergency assistance when they need it. 

The WellBe®  smartwatch and smart speaker also integrate with a mobile app that caregivers can use to stay up-to-date with their loved one’s well-being. Health information is stored on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, ensuring complete privacy. In fact, the WellBe®  smartwatch comes equipped with all its functions built-in. There’s no need to download additional apps or share personal information with multiple companies. Everything is simple, secure, and ready to use.

Get Your WellBe Smartwatch Today

If you want extra peace of mind about the safety and well-being of your loved one, shop for a WellBe Watch today. Or, download HandsFree health’s complimentary guide, “Caring for Aging Parents 101,” which is packed full of useful information and tips to help you navigate your caregiving journey. 

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