WellBe Emergency Alerts

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Your voice in healthcare when it matters most

Your WellBe® device is more than just a voice activated home assistant device. It’s a life saver. WellBe® Emergency Alerts connects you to emergency support. When minutes matter, you need a reliable, easy way to get help. See how WellBe® devices can become your digital companion.

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Product Features

WellBe® smartwatch is a mobile Emergency Alert Device that provides the security of knowing help is just a button push away, anywhere you need it.

24/7 Emergency Alert


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Heart Rate Monitor

GPS Location Service

4G Cellular Network

Water Resistant

How WellBe® Works

When an emergency strikes, a simple press of a button on your wrist summons the help you need. Speak to emergency support in seconds. No phone needed. No complicated set up required. Help is on the way.

Press Button

Press and hold the side button to activate an Emergency Call


WellBe will start a 7 second countdown. This allows you to cancel accidental calls.

Emergency Support

You are connected with emergency support. Speak directly into the smartwatch.

Help Is On The Way

Using your GPS Emergency Services is dispatched to your location.

Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

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