WellBe Voice Assistant And Wellbe Watch Now Available For Holiday Gift Giving On Top Three U.S. E-commerce Sites

wellbe voice assistant available on ebay

HandsFree Health Smart Speaker and Smartwatch Sold on eBay, Amazon and Walmart


WAYNE, Pa.Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HandsFree Health, provider of WellBe®, a secure, HIPAA compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform, today announced that the WellBe® voice assistant and WellBe® Emergency Alert Smartwatch are now available for purchase and shipping across the country through eBay. The innovative new health tech items are sold on top e-commerce retailers eBayAmazon and Walmart, just in time for holiday shopping. WellBe uniquely combines health and entertainment into a modern consumer electronic device for the home.

“Families are spending more time than ever at home and are looking to incorporate health and wellness into their daily lives,” said Mike Cardillo, Co-Founder, HandsFree Health. “Our easy-to-use technology facilitates healthy living with simple voice commands. WellBe also speaks directly to family members with personalized health alerts, including flu shot and medication reminders, to help keep busy individuals on track for wellness.”

Combines Health and Entertainment into Modern, Compact Device

Voice technology is a part of consumer’s daily lives in the U.S. whether it is on a mobile phone, in the car, or at home. In early 2020, over one-third of U.S. adults had a smart speaker in their home and about 50% said they were using the devices daily.[i] WellBe utilizes voice technology to help individuals with everyday health and wellness in their home while also providing all the entertainment features that are expected with a smart speaker including news, weather, music and sports.

WellBe Puts Safety and Security First

WellBe’s integrated HIPAA-compliant technology helps to ensure that health information is kept secure. One of its innovative features uses state-of-the-art voice recognition technology for each user. With the WellBe Emergency Alert service added, emergency support is available through both the WellBe device and the WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch, extending the platform outside of the home. The smartwatch is multi-functional and provides a heart rate monitor and pedometer.

In addition to the consumer offering, HandsFree Health provides its award-winning voice technology platform including the WellBe smart speaker, WellBe Go app, and WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch directly to health plans and employers. For our business solutions click here.

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About HandsFree Health

HandsFree Health offers a suite of products for consumers and businesses to move individuals closer to compliance and optimal health. HandsFree Health makes intelligently designed, fully integrated health and wellness platforms. HandsFree Health has quickly become the benchmark for voice technology in healthcare. HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe®, the premier voice enabled virtual health AI assistant platform. WellBe is a secure voice-activated assistant, built on a trusted, HIPAA compliant platform. Products are sold online at HandsFree Health, as well as other online retailers including Walmart.comAmazon.comeBay.com and Newegg.com.

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[i] Voicebot.ai Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report, April 2020

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