The Most Advanced Medical Alert System

Shopping for a medical alert device? Protect yourself with the only system developed by healthcare executives with over 150 years of experience. Super fast response times, stylish devices and proactive features that do more than keep you safe. 

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The Choice is Clear

Compare us to the competition. We are confident that our features and price provide an unmatched value. We pride ourselves on not only offering you the best medical monitoring through our US-based monitoring center but also providing you everyday value. We believe if you are paying a monthly fee you should be able to use our services everyday not just during an emergency.  

$99.95 one time device cost includes both the smart speaker and smartwatch. 

The WellBe Smarts Speaker and Smartwatch isolated on a white background.

HandsFree Health

WellBe Medical Alert PLUS
$ 44
  • 24/7 Emergency Responce
  • On-the-Go Smartwatch
  • At-Home Virtual Assistant
  • 4G LTE - powered by T-Mobile
  • Award Winning Companion App
  • Reliable Health Answers
  • Medication Reminders
  • Pricing Estimates
  • Prescription Refill Reminders
  • Hands-free Calling
  • Care Circle Notifications
  • Preventative Care Reminders
  • Music, News, Audiobooks and More
Best Value
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Leading Competitors

Traditional Medical Alert Systems
$ 49
95 or more
  • 24/7 Emergency Responce
  • On-the-Go Lanyard
  • At-Home Base Station
The WellBe Smarts Speaker and Smartwatch isolated on a white background.

Disrupting the Industry

HandsFree Health offers the only medical alert system with WellBe®, the Virtual Health Assistant. WellBe® goes beyond providing assistance in an emergency, use WellBe® every day to make calls, receive medication reminders, manage appointments, track your blood pressure, glucose, and weight. WellBe® even plays music, news and audiobooks, provides the weather forecast and more. 

Medication Reminders

Medication non-compliance is a leading cause of hospitalization and avoidable deaths. WellBe® provides medication reminders, requires verbal confirmation medications have been taken and even texts your family or caretaker if a medication was missed. WellBe® goes beyond reminders by providing prescription refill alerts, and even offers to call the pharmacy right from the smart speaker.

Numbers Tracking

Elevated blood pressure, glucose or weight can be early warning sign of a larger health concern. WellBe® tracks these numbers and even provides proactive steps to help improve your readings. WellBe® will even notify a loved one if a dangerous or abnormal blood pressure was recorded.

Health Answers

WellBe® provides answers to health questions, using our robust health library created by medical professionals. WellBe® also provides customer-specific health insurance benefits information. Ask about deductibles, copays, and even receive generic alternatives for expensive brand name prescriptions.

Health Reminders

Be notified of medications and appointments plus reminders to schedule annual exams

Caregiver Notifications

Stay connected with loved ones with hands-free calling and care notifications 

Number Tracking

Track your blood pressure, sugar and weight. WellBe® alerts you if your readings require attention

Curated Health Information

Ask health questions and receive answers from our extensive health library 

General Knowledge, News & Stock Updates

WellBe® answers all kinds of questions and provides news reports, stock updates and sports scores

Weather Forecasts

WellBe® provides local weather forecasts, powered by Accuweather

Music & Audio Books

Listen to music from iHeart Radio and enjoy audiobooks from

Remote Registration

Setup and manage WellBe® from anywhere with the WellBe® Virtual Assistant App

Petcare Information

WellBe® provides answers to your pet health questions

How It Works

emergency alert step 1

Press Button

Press and hold the side button to activate an Emergency Call

emergency alert step 2

Emergency Support​

You are connected with emergency support. Speak directly into the smartwatch.

emergency alert step 3

Help Is On The Way

Using your GPS Emergency Services is dispatched to your location.

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