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Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered

WellBe® is your voice-enabled virtual health assistant. Use WellBe® to set medication reminders, track blood pressure and glucose, play music, news, and more. Download the WellBe® Virtual Assistant app to set up and experience WellBe®.

appointment reminders

Health Reminders

Be notified of medications and appointments plus reminders to schedule annual exams

caregiver notification device

Caregiver Notifications

Stay connected with loved ones with hands-free calling and care notifications 

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Number Tracking

Track your blood pressure, sugar and weight. WellBe® alerts you if your readings require attention

health information

Curated Health Information

Ask health questions and receive answers from our extensive health library 

general health information

General Knowledge, News & Stock Updates

WellBe® answers all kinds of questions and provides news reports, stock updates and sports scores

weather forecast device

Weather Forecasts

WellBe® provides local weather forecasts, powered by Accuweather


Music & Audio Books

Listen to music from iHeart Radio and enjoy audiobooks from

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Remote Registration

Setup and manage WellBe® from anywhere with the WellBe® Virtual Assistant App

pet care information

Petcare Information

WellBe® provides answers to your pet health questions

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Perfect for Seniors, Families, or Business Clients

WellBe® is designed for everyone who wants to stay connected to their health and wellness. Our HIPAA compliant system can be used by everyone from caregivers, to seniors, to families and even businesses.

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The collection of WellBe virtual health assistant options, including the smart speaker, smartwatch, and app.
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WellBe® Virtual Assistant

WellBe® is the premiere voice-enabled virtual health assistant. You can access and manage WellBe® from anywhere using our mobile app. Our proprietary HIPAA compliant platform features integrations with leading companies to provide you the best content and entertainment. Our curated heath database was developed by healthcare professionals to supply you with accurate answers to your health questions.


smart home devices for senior citizens
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How It Works

WellBe® is your HIPAA compliant, in-home virtual healthcare assistant. All you have to do is ask and WellBe® will provide you with curated health answers, reminders, benefits information, and entertainment. Just Say “Ok WellBe,…” and ask your question. Here are a few examples of the questions you can ask WellBe®:

Ask WellBe ...

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Over 150 Years of Combined Healthcare Experience

Leadership Team

HandsFree Health CEO Mike Cardillo with short gray hair, wearing glasses, black suit jacket, and blue button-down shirt.
Mike Cardillo
Founder - CEO
Former President of Aetna & Co-Founder of Health Advocate
HandsFree Health President Dan Messina with short blonde hair, wearing a blue suit jacket and light blue button-down.
Dan Messina
Founder - President
Former CFO of Aetna Health and Co-Founder of Health Advocate
HandsFree Health SVP, COO Kelly Johnston with long auburn hair, wearing hoop earrings and dark business attire.
Kelly Johnston
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Former Senior VP of Product Development at Health Advocate
HandsFree Health SVP, CTO with short dark hair, wearing a black shirt under a blue checkered suit jacket.
Eric Weaver
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Former Chief Technology Officer at Health Advocate

Featured in

Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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Illuminated WellBe smart speaker with icons for entertainment apps above it.
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