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WellBe® is the virtual assistant focused on your health. Created by healthcare executives with over 150 years of combined experience, WellBe® delivers unmatched health management and services. 

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WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker with a glass of water and pill under a speech bubble reminding the user to take meds.

Medication Reminders Made Easy

Looking for an easy way to manage your medications? WellBe® has you covered. 

WellBe® does more than just set a reminder to take your medication. WellBe® knows the prescribing doctor, the prescription number, refills, and even tracks how many pills you have. WellBe® will alert you when it’s time to refill and even offers to call the pharmacy. WellBe® can also notify a caregiver if a medication was missed.

Preventive Care Reminders

WellBe® provides reminders for doctor's appointments and medical procedures. Answer a few health questions in the app and WellBe® will also send you personalized reminders to schedule preventive care visits, flu shots, mammograms, colonoscopies, and more. You can even manage your doctors and specialists in the free WellBe® Virtual Assistant App.

Insurance Benefits Answers

Enter your ID number* into the WellBe® Virtual Assistant App and receive answers to your benefits questions. WellBe® can answer questions about your copays, deductibles, and other coverage questions. Ask WellBe® how much of your deductible you have spent so far this year and receive a real-time answer. No more searching through paperwork or waiting on hold.

Health Answers

WellBe® answers health questions like no other smart device. Using a database containing tens of thousands of health answers, curated by medical professionals. WellBe® never relies on web searches, Wikipedia, or other questionable sources. Our answers are trusted, vetted, and verified.

* Insurance plan participation may vary

Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered

Never miss a dose. WellBe® is your voice-activated pill reminder. WellBe® will speak up and alert you when it’s time to take a medication. Featuring voice recognition and individualized colored lights, WellBe® can provide reminders for up to 6 family members, keeping each person’s alerts private and secure. 

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Preventable Deaths Each Year

Dangers of Medication

Not taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor can be dangerous. Nationally complications from medication non-adherence lead to 125,000 preventable deaths each year and about $300 Billion in avoidable healthcare costs*. On average of the 2/3rds of Americans who have a prescription medications 1 in 2 has missed a dose, 1 in 3 forgot if they took a medications and 1 in 4 did not get a refill on time. WellBe® can help you stay on top of your medications and avoid becoming a statistic. 

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