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Voice Technology in Healthcare

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HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe®, the premier voice enabled virtual health assistant platform. WellBe® was designed to help people access their health and wellness resources in the easiest way possible, by using their voice. Led by a team of former healthcare executives with over 150 years of experience, HandsFree Health has quickly become the benchmark for voice technology in healthcare.

Over 150 Years of Combined Healthcare Experience

Our Leadership Team

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mike cardillo headshot
Mike Cardillo
Founder - CEO
Former President of Aetna & Co-Founder of Health Advocate
dan messina headshot
Dan Messina
Founder - President
Former CFO of Aetna Health and Co-Founder of Health Advocate
Kelly Johnston headshot
Kelly Johnston
Chief Operating Officer
Former Senior VP of Product Development at Health Advocate
eric weaver headshot
Eric Weaver
Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer
Former Chief Technology Officer at Health Advocate

HandsFree Health Team

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janice washeleski headshot
Janice Washeleski
Chief Commercial Sales and Marketing Officer
dennis boone headshot
Dennis Boone
Chief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer
oleg boyarsky headshot
Oleg Boyarsky
Vice President of Technology
nancy dijohn headshot
Nancy DiJohn
Vice President of Sales
lauren d andrea headshot
Lauren D'Andrea
Vice President of Finance
rachel levine headshot
Rachel Levine
Director of Product Management
matan barnea headshot
Matan Barnea
Director of Product Development
mark lane headshot
Mark Lane
Director, Software Engineering
ryan michaels headshot
Ryan Michaels
Senior Software Engineer
nathan carlson headshot
Nathan Carlson
Senior Software Engineer
Joanne Panzeter headshot
Joanne Panzeter
Sales and Marketing Support
mike lerro headshot
Mike Lerro
Senior Software Engineer
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Healthcare Meets Technology

HandsFree Health was founded by healthcare executives with over 150 of combined experience. Our founders have managed some of the largest insurers in the country and helped to create a leading health advocacy company. Long time advocates for better health and consumer education Mike, Dan, Kelly and Eric founded HandsFree Health as a way to help consumers stay educated, engaged, and empowered in navigating the complexity of their personal health.

Knowing healthcare can be difficult to manage, HandsFree Health set out to package the benefits of the most advanced technology and databases into an easy to use platform. Mike and Dan’s experience at the highest levels of national healthcare insurers provides them with the unique knowledge and relationships required to develop the proprietary HandsFree Health platform used to make WellBe®. Understanding health insurance and how it should work for the average person has been the foundation for Mike, Dan, Kelly, and Eric’s success and the driving motivation for founding HandsFree Health.

The leader in the healthcare virtual assistants

HandsFree Health provides unique, innovative solutions for a wide-variety of home care challenges. WellBe® is designed to help families, caregivers, seniors, and businesses better navigate their health and wellness. It helps seniors age in place, supports caregivers with notifications and account management and improves communication in companies. If you need health care and insurance information quickly and clearly, our WellBe® virtual assistant is the versatile, friendly helper anyone can use.

See how HandsFree Health adds quality service to your home, your work and your entire life. Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered with HandsFree Health.

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Medication and appointment reminders as well as blood pressure and glucose tracking make WellBe the perfect solution for seniors trying to better manage their health.

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Voice recognition and different colored reminder lights for each family member, WellBe is ready to help keep families on track to better health and wellness.

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Notifications for missed medications, abnormal blood pressure, missed doctors appointments, and more. Rest easy knowing WellBe is there even when you can't be.​

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The virtual assistant that never takes a holiday. Use Wellbe help easily answer questions about policies and promote healthier living. WellBe can even be customized for your business.

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