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Voice Technology in Health Care

HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe®, the premier voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform. With more than 150 years of combined experience in health care, our founding team sought to create a better way for people to manage their health. Our founders knew all too well the challenges that the current health care system presents for all types of people and businesses, including Caretakers, Seniors, Employers, Senior Communities, and Health Plans.

The solution : HandsFree Health—a company swiftly becoming the benchmark for voice technology in health care and medical alert companies.

Over 150 Years of Combined Healthcare Experience

Executive Leadership of HandsFree Health

The HandsFree Health Team

Janice Washeleski
Janice Washeleski
Chief Commercial Sales
and Marketing Officer
Kelly Hasenei
Vice President
of Sales
Mike Llado
Mike Llado
Vice President
of Sales
Rachel Levine
Director of Product
oleg boyarsky headshot
Oleg Boyarsky
Vice President of Technology
Mike Lerro
Director of Software Engineering
mark lane headshot
Mark Lane
Director of Software Engineering
Janine Roe
Director of Quality Assurance
Joanne Panzeter
Sales and Marketing Support

Solution: Voice Recognition Technology

Having managed some of the largest insurers in the country, our HandsFree Health team was well-acquainted with the hurdles in health care for consumers, senior care operations, and employers. 

Mature individuals aging in place and their caregivers often face:

  • Rising health care costs
  • Accidental death
  • Frequent hospital visits
  • Injuries
  • Declining health
  • Loss of independence
  • Medication non-adherence 

In addition, employers and human resources personnel must contend with:

HandsFree Health executives used their collective experience and expertise to create a system to overcome these deficits in health care management. The result? The WellBe® Voice-Enabled Virtual Health Assistant, powered by comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant digital health technology. 

How is Voice Recognition Used in Health Care?

Longtime advocates for better health and consumer education, Mike, Dan, Kelly, and Eric founded HandsFree Health to help consumers stay educated, engaged, and empowered in navigating the complexity of their health. Knowing health care can be challenging to manage, HandsFree Health packaged the benefits of the most advanced technology and databases into an easy-to-use platform. Creating the WellBe® Voice-Enabled Virtual Health Assistant platform has bridged the gap in consumer and business-related problems (such as those mentioned earlier), offering many benefits. 

Consumer benefits include:

  • More independence for people aging in place
  • Peace of mind for caregivers and family members
  • Reduced stress for seniors and caregivers
  • Elimination of worry and guilt
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better organization of health and living needs

Business benefits include:

  • Happier and healthier employees, members, and residents
  • Cost savings in health benefits/insurance
  • Fewer questions and interruptions for HR personnel

Take a look at some of WellBe's specific voice recognition technology features:


Medication and appointment reminders, as well as blood pressure and glucose tracking, make WellBe the perfect medical alert company for seniors trying to manage their health better.


With voice recognition and different-colored reminder lights for each family member, WellBe is ready to help keep families on track to better health and wellness.


WellBe has notifications for missed medications, abnormal blood pressure, missed doctor appointments, and more. Rest easy knowing WellBe is there even when you can't be.​


It’s the virtual assistant that never takes a holiday. Use Wellbe to quickly answer questions about policies and promote healthier living. Businesses can even customize the platform to their needs.

What Technology is Used in Health Care Platforms Like WellBe?

WellBe runs on artificial intelligence-based technology. All that’s needed is your voice to activate WellBe: Say, “OK, WellBe….”

This simple command gives you access to everything WellBe offers, including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify, AudiobookStore.com, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more.

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To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify, AudiobookStore.com, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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HandsFree Health CEO Mike Cardillo with short gray hair, wearing glasses, black suit jacket, and blue button-down shirt.

Mike Cardillo

Founder - CEO

Mike has over 40 years of experience in healthcare including serving as the former president of Aetna Health and the co-president of US Healthcare. He was most recently the CEO and co-founder of Health Advocate which after 12 years had more than 40 million members. 

HandsFree Health President Dan Messina with short blonde hair, wearing a blue suit jacket and light blue button-down.

Dan Messina

Founder - President
Dan has more than 35 years of healthcare experience including serving as the former CEO of Magellan Health and CFO of Aetna Health. He was most recently one of the partners of Health Advocate which sold for nearly 100 times the outside capital invested.
HandsFree Health SVP, COO Kelly Johnston with long auburn hair, wearing hoop earrings and dark business attire.

Kelly Johnston

Chief Operating Officer
Kelly has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, product development, and operations. Most recently Kelly was senior vice president of product development at Health Advocate, successfully launching and managing the member experience for upwards of 40 million members.
HandsFree Health SVP, CTO with short dark hair, wearing a black shirt under a blue checkered suit jacket.

Eric Weaver

Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer
Eric has more than 20 years of technology leadership within the healthcare industry for startups, growth companies, and large public companies. Most recently he was CTO of Health Advocate where he earned a reputation of aligning corporate and technology strategies, exceeding business expectations, and maximizing and retaining resources.