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WellBe® Simplifies Employee Health Benefits

Employers of all sizes are faced with the rising costs of healthcare and the increased complexity of managing employee health benefits, including medical coverage plans and options. As a busy HR professional, you have to maintain the delicate balance between ensuring employees have the benefits they need while also keeping costs in check for your company. Empowering people to take control of their own health is a key part of that balancing act. But, how can you make sure people have the tools they need to stay healthy?

Enter WellBe®. This hands-free, voice-activated assistant is your partner in keeping employees on track with their health. WellBe® helps lower medical expenses by providing health reminders and support with medication adherence. WellBe® can also provide answers to common employee health benefits plan questions, easing the burden on HR while saving time and headaches for workers. 

WellBe® Supports Employee Health

Providing WellBe® to employees makes it simple for individuals to access insurance benefits information on their own and be proactive about their own health.
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Health and Wellness

WellBe® helps employees live healthier lives by tracking their blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight, in addition to providing reminders for medications, appointments, daily activities, and more. They have the information they need to make healthy choices to support overall well-being.

Employee Health Benefits Connection

Employees don’t always know where to turn for answers to their benefit questions. Thanks to connections with most major medical health insurance plans, WellBe® takes the guesswork out of getting information about deductible amounts, copays, and out-of-pocket maximums, and more. It’s faster than an email and more accessible than a newsletter.

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Medical Non-Adherence

Medical non-adherence is a significant problem for employers. The American College of Preventive Medicine reports that nonadherence costs employers $290 billion in employee health benefits spending, $100 million of which is associated with avoidable hospitalizations and rehospitalizations. By providing reminders to take medication and refill prescriptions, make and keep medical appointments, get vaccinations, and more, WellBe® helps combat medical non-adherence.


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