Aging Parents?
Let WellBe® Help

Do you have aging parents or grandparents? Are you feeling guilt over not being able to support them as much as you would like? WellBe® is perfect for parents or grandparents who need that extra support to remain independent. Give the gift of “Peace of Mind” and worry less knowing WellBe® is there for them. 

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WellBe virtual health platform

The smart way to manage your health

The only smart speaker with WellBe®, the Virtual Health Assistant designed to help your loved ones better manage their health. WellBe® keeps your loved ones on track with their medications, appointments and health plan. WellBe® also keeps you up to date and informed with Care Notifications. 

Medication Reminders

Medication non-compliance is a leading cause of hospitalization and avoidable deaths. WellBe® provides medication reminders, requires verbal confirmation medications have been taken and even texts you if a medication was missed.

Numbers Tracking

Elevated blood pressure, glucose or weight can be early warning sign of a larger health concern. WellBe® tracks these numbers and even provides proactive steps to help improve their readings. WellBe® will even notify you if a dangerous or abnormal blood pressure was recorded.

Health Answers

WellBe® provides answers to health questions, using our robust health library created by medical professionals. WellBe® also provides customer-specific health insurance benefits information. Ask about deductibles, copays, and even receive generic alternatives for expensive brand name prescriptions.

Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered

Imagine being able to help your parent or grandparent manage their health remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Find local doctors, specialists, or health facilities. Manage medications, prescription refills, and appointments, and best of all receive text messages that keep you informed.

WellBe® also entertains with music from iHeart Radio, audiobooks, weather forecasts, news, pet health information and much more. 

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About HandsFree Health

Over 150 years of healthcare experience makes HandsFree Health, the creators of WellBe®, different. As former President of Aetna Health, CFO of Aetna Health, CEO of Magellan Health, and co-founders of Health Advocate, we know how complex healthcare can be and understand privacy, that’s why we not only built WellBe® to deliver the best in health services but also do it in a completely secure HIPAA compliant platform. Unlike other “smart speakers” WellBe® never records your conversation and keeps your private health information safe.  

DISCLAIMER: The content, products and services offered by HandsFree Health™ are provided to educate consumers on health care issues and do not constitute the practice of any professional health care service. Nothing in such content, products or services should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. HandsFree Health™ makes no representation or warranty that any particular service or product is safe, appropriate or effective for you. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem or condition, please contact a qualified health care professional immediately, or, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 for emergency medical help.

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