The Virtual Assistant for Healthcare

WellBe® is the virtual assistant focused on your health. Created by healthcare executives with over 150 years of combined experience, WellBe® delivers unmatched health management and services. 

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The WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker isolated on a white background with a stethoscope.

Big Tech can't do that?

While other big name virtual assistants do plenty of amazing things, the healthcare features of WellBe® are designed specifically to fill the gaps other smart devices have left in the healthcare market, all while remaining completely secure and HIPAA compliant. WellBe® features patent-pending technology proven to keep your private health information safe (even within your own home).

Medication Management

WellBe® does more than just set a reminder to take your medication. WellBe® knows the prescribing doctor, the prescription number, refills, and even tracks how many pills you have. WellBe® will alert you when it's time to refill and even offers to call the pharmacy. WellBe® can also notify a caregiver in a medication was missed.

Insurance Benefits Answers

Enter your ID number* into the WellBe® Virtual Assistant App and receive answers to your benefits questions. WellBe® can answer questions about your copays, deductibles, and other coverage questions. Ask WellBe® how much of your deductible you have spent so far this year and receive a real-time answer. No more searching through paperwork or waiting on hold.

Health Answers

WellBe® answers health questions like no other smart device. Using a database containing tens of thousands of health answers, curated by medical professionals. WellBe® never relies on web searches, Wikipedia, or other questionable sources. Our answers are trusted, vetted, and verified.

* Insurance plan participation may vary

Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered

WellBe® is your voice-enabled virtual health assistant. Use WellBe® to set medication reminders, track blood pressure and glucose, play music, news, and more. Download the WellBe® Virtual Assistant app to set up and experience WellBe®.

Top view of a WellBe virtual health assistant surrounded by a stethoscope.

We Value Your Privacy

It’s no secret smart speakers like other smart speakers have been accused of “listen in” on our conversations. Articles from Forbes, CNN, Washington Post and others have revealed they record conversations, shares our data and queries and in some cases even has staff that listen to our conversations. WellBe® on the other hand is built on our completely secure and private platform. We never record your conversations, don’t allow third party “skills” and we never sell your information. Because we work with your sensitive medical information we are HIPAA compliant, so talking to WellBe® is more like talking to a doctor in a private office than a stranger in a lobby. 

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