A Smart Health Assistant for Everyone

WellBe® is a voice-enabled digital health platform that keeps everyone connected to their health and wellness. Seniors, caregivers, families, and even businesses can use the HIPAA-compliant smart speaker and other devices to stay on top of their well-being. 

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WellBe® Medical Alert Speaker

Monthly Subscription
The round HandsFree Health smartwatch for seniors is displayed next to the WellBe Smart Speaker.

WellBe® Medical Alert Watch+

Monthly Subscription
Fall detection

WellBe® Medical Alert Pendant

Monthly Subscription
Fall detection

Get WellBe® Wherever You Are

Bring the best features of the WellBe® right to your mobile device with the HFHGo (for business) digital health apps to set medication or appointment reminders, manage prescriptions, and even add non-medical reminders. The app also lets you manage smart speaker member access and users. 

father and daughter caregiver relationship

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Stay Healthy and Empowered with WellBe’s Digital Health Platform

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WellBe® is your voice-enabled virtual health assistant. Use the digital health platform to stay in control of your health, stay in contact with loved ones, and stay in the know, with access to news, information, and more. 

Just say,
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To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify, AudiobookStore.com, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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