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Managing schedules, medications, doctor’s appointments, allergies, not to mention health insurance, can be a full time job. You need a helping hand. You need WellBe®, the virtual assistant designed by healthcare executives. WellBe® helps families stay on track with their health and wellness. WellBe® is personalized to each family member so everyone gets the exact answers they need. 

Say “Hello” to WellBe® your family’s new smart home assistant.

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Smart Home Healthcare for Families

See how WellBe® can help your family better manage their health. Our smart home technology is designed with families in mind, using voice recognition and colored lights to personalize WellBe® for each family member. 

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WellBe® Virtual Smart Home App

The WellBe® Virtual Health Assistant App lets you manage WellBe® from anywhere. Set medication or appointment reminders, manage prescription medications, and even add non-medical reminders (like sports events and to-do lists). The app also lets you manage your household member access and users. 

Personalized Voice Recognition

WellBe® uses voice recognition, pin codes and different colored lights to personalize responses and reminders for each family member. WellBe® can support up to 6 family members per household. 

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Connected Health Benefits

Enter your health insurance information into the WellBe® Virtual Assistant App and receive member specific answers to your benefits questions. Ask about copays, deductibles and even receive pricing estimates all by using your voice.  

*plan participation may vary

Trusted and Secure

WellBe® was created by healthcare professionals with over 150 years of combined experience. HandsFree Health™ understands healthcare and what information consumers need to better manage their health. WellBe® is built on a fully secure, confidential and HIPAA compliant platform.

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Pet Health

WellBe® knows your pet is an important member of the family and that managing their health can be just as challenging as any other family member. That’s why WellBe® was designed with an extensive pet database that can help answer questions about your pet’s health. You can even set medication and vet appointment reminders. 



WellBe® provides the best in entertainment. Listen to radio stations and podcasts from across the country with iHeart Radio.  Enjoy your music and playlists with Spotify*. Get news updates from NPR News. Weather forecasts from AccuWeather. Listen to audiobooks from*. And even receive valuable information from our Pet Health Database.

*Spotify and fees may apply

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Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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