Smart Healthcare for Caregivers

The Smart Healthcare Companion for Caregivers

“Peace of mind”  is exactly what WellBe® provides to busy caregivers. Our voice enabled health device helps you manage your loved ones health schedule to reduce stress and alleviate guilt. Let WellBe® help you be a better caregiver by simplifying the way you manage your caregiving responsibilities. Our smart home technology also keeps you in the know while helping you free up time in your busy schedule.

With WellBe® caring for a loved one is easier than ever. 

Smart Technology for Caregivers

See how WellBe® can help you better manage your caregiving responsibilities. The innovative technology is designed to keep you informed even when you can’t be there.

A screenshot of the WellBe Virtual Assistant app on a smartphone detailing information and reminders.

WellBe® Virtual Assistant App

The WellBe® Virtual Assistant App lets caregivers manage WellBe® from anywhere. Set medication or appointment reminders, manage prescription medications, and even add non-medical reminders. The app also lets you enter health insurance information, medical history and physicians for a completely customized experience. 

Caregiver Notifications

WellBe® will automatically notify you, via text message, when a medication is missed, a doctor’s appointment is missed, or an abnormal blood pressure or glucose reading is recorded. In fact your loved one just has to ask and WellBe® will contact you on their behalf at anytime. 

emergency notification from wellbe
WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker with a glass of water and pill under a speech bubble reminding the user to take meds.

Medication Reminders

WellBe® will remind your loved one to take their medications at the scheduled time. It will even require verbal verification that they have done so and alert you via text message if they did not. When a prescription is running low, WellBe® will notify your loved one and even offer to call the pharmacy right from the smart speaker. 


When you can’t be there WellBe® can. With a list of entertainment features like iHeart Radio, Spotify, NPR News, audiobooks (, and weather forecasts (AccuWeather), WellBe® provides around the clock companionship and entertainment. WellBe® can even assist with finding meal deliveries and transportation. 

*Spotify and fees may apply

Illuminated WellBe smart speaker with icons for entertainment apps above it.
The wellbe smartwatch now comes with a round face and features fall detection

Emergency Alerts - Option

WellBe® Emergency Alerts provides the safety and security of knowing our US based call center is there to answer 24 / 7 / 365. At home or on the go, your WellBe® smart speaker and smartwatch act as a 2-way communication beacon for emergency response. 

Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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Illuminated WellBe smart speaker with icons for entertainment apps above it.