Smart Home Device for Seniors

The Best Smart Home Device for Seniors

Independence and the ability to remain at home. WellBe® helps you “age in place” in the comfort of your own home, securely and confidently. Get reminders, health information and stay safe with emergency alerts. WellBe® takes the mystery out of healthcare by answering questions quickly and clearly. No small print. No long wait times. No more frustration.

Say “Hello” to WellBe® your virtual health assistant.

Aging in Place Technology

See how WellBe® can help you better manage your health. The innovative technology is designed to keep you informed, up to date and living your healthiest life possible.

A closeup of the WellBe Smart Speaker with an emergency call in progress.

Technology to Assist Aging Adults

All you need to do to access all the great content WellBe® has to offer is simply ask. Just say “Ok WellBe…” and ask your question. Get your medical questions answered from our curated health database, find out about your health insurance policy, get the weather forecasts, news, and more. 

Medication Reminders

WellBe® will remind your to take you medications at the scheduled time. And when prescriptions are running low WellBe® will notify you and even offer to call the pharmacy right from your smart speaker. 

WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker with a glass of water and pill under a speech bubble reminding the user to take meds.
The wellbe smartwatch now comes with a round face and features fall detection

Emergency Alerts - Option

WellBe® Emergency Alerts provide the safety and security of knowing our US-based call center is there to answer 24 / 7 / 365. At-home or on-the-go, your WellBe® Medical Alert Speaker and Watch act as a 2-way communication beacon for emergency response. 

Trusted and Secure

WellBe® was created by healthcare professionals with over 150 years of combined experience. HandsFree Health™ understands healthcare and what information consumers need to better manage their health. WellBe® is built on a fully secure, confidential and HIPAA compliant platform.

emergency notification from wellbe

Caregiver Notifications

WellBe® can automatically notify a family member or loved one when a medication or doctor’s appointment is missed, or when an abnormal blood pressure or glucose reading is recorded. In fact WellBe® can contact them on your behalf at anytime, helping you stay more connected with loved ones. 


WellBe® provides the best in entertainment. Listen to radio stations and podcasts from across the country with iHeart Radio.  Enjoy your music and playlists with Spotify*. Get news updates from NPR News. Weather forecasts from AccuWeather. Listen to audiobooks from*. And even receive valuable information from our Pet Health Database.

*Spotify and fees may apply.

Illuminated WellBe smart speaker with icons for entertainment apps above it.
wellbe remote setup animation

Universal Registration

WellBe® can be setup and registered from anywhere using our patent pending Universal Registration. With Universal Registration, you don’t have to be present to setup WellBe®. A friend or loved one can even connect WellBe® to your WiFi remotely.

Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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Illuminated WellBe smart speaker with icons for entertainment apps above it.