Meet the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch Lineup

Medical Smartwatch

Safety on the go is invaluable to aging seniors at a high risk of injury or other health problems. Thanks to recent technological advances, all of the safety technology and features you need now fit into a compact, modern smartwatch. 

Meet the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch Lineup

With a simple button press, the smartwatch will connect its wearer with emergency help when they need it most. Among a host of other state-of-the-art features, WellBe®medical alert watches keep users safe and informed. 

WellBe® Medical Alert Smartwatch+ against a white background.

Health and Heart Monitoring

Track your steps to help you live a more active healthy lifestyle and monitor your heart rate anytime to ensure normal cardiovascular function.


Send emergency services to your exact location in the event of an emergency.

Water Resistance

Wear the watch while in the shower, washing your hands, or watering the plants.


Optional Fall Detection

With the Smartwatch+, automatically call for help and access emergency services when a hard fall occurs.

4G Connectivity

Stay connected to emergency dispatch at all times with 4G cellular data.


Remote Registration

Set up and register WellBe from anywhere with our Universal Registration feature.


Two-Way Communication

Speak with our U.S.-based Emergency Monitoring Center right through the watch.


Ask health questions and get health reminders on the go with the power of your voice.

Companion App

Keep connected to your health care information and WellBe at all times and places.

WellBe® Medical Alert Smartwatch+ against a white background.

WellBe Smartwatch and Smartwatch+

Get emergency help wherever and whenever you need it with the WellBe Smartwatch or WellBe Smartwatch+. By pressing a button, connect with emergency help and talk to dispatch with two-way communication. In the event of an incapacitating fall, the Smartwatch+ has optional fall detection to ensure that the wearer gets the help they need in the most dire situation. 

When everything is well, the smartwatch also functions as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and virtual health assistant, ready to answer questions and provide reminders. WellBe Medical Alert Smartwatches balance modern design and cutting-edge functionality, so you don’t have to choose between style and safety.

Just Press the Button…

to access emergency help or any one of the other features the WellBe medical alert watch has to offer.
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