Meet WellBe®

A closeup of the WellBe Smart Speaker with an emergency call in progress.

How It Works

Trying to find accurate medical and insurance information is no easy task. But, it can be significantly easier with WellBe®, the leading voice-activated health care virtual assistant. WellBe is the easy and safe voice-activated health assistant from HandsFree Health, built on a trusted, HIPAA-compliant platform. Need help? Just ask.

WellBe is your HIPAA-compliant virtual assistant. Thanks to advanced voice technology, all you have to do is ask, and WellBe will provide you with curated health answers, reminders, benefits information, and entertainment. Just say, “OK, WellBe…” and ask your question. You can ask WellBe for personalized information about your medications, doctor appointments, and health insurance benefits. You can even request weather reports or ask for news updates.

Senior Complete

Senior Complete is a comprehensive solution to support seniors in all settings like homes, senior facilities, senior communities, and living with loved ones. Senior Complete is featured in all HandsFree Health devices like the Smart Speaker, Watch, Pendant, and Mobile App.

Senior Complete sets a new virtual assistant HIPAA-compliant standard for senior services. Using voice-enabled solutions, Senior Complete addresses senior concerns such as:

– Isolation
– Loneliness
– Companionship
– Health
– Physical Security

Seniors can use the conversational artificial intelligence chat feature to communicate in a friendly and interactive way. The conversational topics are limitless, which helps provide seniors with the ability to converse at any time.

WellBe® SmartWatch

Get emergency help when you need it with the WellBe Smartwatch with the optional buy-up for fall detection. Voice technology allows you to call for help, and GPS lets emergency services easily find you, no matter where you are. But the WellBe Smartwatch is more than a medical alert device. It’s also a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, and a virtual health assistant, ready to answer your health questions and provide important reminders.

The wellbe smartwatch now comes with a round face and features fall detection

WellBe® Smart Speaker

The WellBe Smart Speaker is more than just a virtual health assistant. It was also designed for interaction and entertainment. Beyond its four integrated microphones for far-field voice control, this small speaker has internal speakers engineered to fill any room with rich layers of sound. The WellBe Smart Speaker also features hands-free calling and messaging to contacts, and with optional medical alert monitoring, you can call for help 24/7 with just your voice.

The WellBe Smart Speaker can also act as a PERS device to call for help!

WellBe® Medical Alert Pendant

The WellBe Medical Alert Pendant is protection and security on the go. In the form of a small, sleek, modern pendant, wearers get all of the benefits of 24/7 emergency monitoring and GPS location via 4G connectivity. In addition, it can function as a two-way communication device to help the wearer communicate with emergency dispatch. With optional fall detection capability, the WellBe Medical Alert Pendant provides protection everywhere you go.

Health Reminders

Be notified of medications and medical provider appointments plus reminders to schedule annual exams using the Virtual Assistant app, Smart Speaker or Smartwatch 

Caregiver Notifications

Stay connected with loved ones with hands-free calling and care notifications with the Smartwatch and Smart Speaker

Number Tracking

Track your blood pressure, sugar and weight in the Virtual Assistant App. WellBe® health virtual assistant alerts you if your readings require attention

Curated Health Information

Ask the WellBe® Smart Speaker or Smartwatch health questions and receive answers from our extensive health library

General Knowledge, News & Stock Updates

WellBe® Smart Speaker answers uses voice technology to answer all kinds of questions and provide news, sports, and stock updates 

Weather Forecasts

WellBe® Smart Speaker provides local weather forecasts, powered by Accuweather

Music & Audio Books

Listen to music from iHeart Radio and enjoy audiobooks from  on the WellBe® Smart Speaker)

Remote Registration

Setup and manage WellBe® from anywhere with the WellBe® Virtual Assistant App.

Petcare Information

WellBe® Smart Speaker provides answers to your pet health questions 

Just say,
"OK WellBe..."

To access everything WellBe® has to offer including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. 

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