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Your New Voice in Healthcare

WellBe® is both a home healthcare service for individuals and a versatile voice assistant resource for businesses. The innovative technology delivers complicated insurance and healthcare information quickly and clearly. From answering healthcare questions to explaining policy changes, WellBe® is a direct link to your workforce, clients, and patients. It’s more than a smart speaker. It’s a new way to work.

How We Benefit

WellBe® for your business

Your time is valuable. Your information is important. WellBe® helps manage and direct information quickly. Instead of clogging the inbox with questions, the workforce can ask WellBe® for health insurance info and pricing. Users get fast answers. Businesses get back to work.

The intuitive design and voice recognition software makes set up a breeze. There’s no extra wiring. No added utility space needed. Plug it in and say hello.

The easy-to-use application can set reminders and appointments, deliver policy change updates, and handle a variety of logistical tasks that would otherwise eat up resources and time.

No matter the industry, your virtual healthcare assistant lends a helping hand and friendly voice. See how WellBe® can change your business.

Offering virtual healthcare solutions especially for you

Our voice enabled virtual health assistant, WellBe®, is accessible from multiple platforms including iOS and Android as well as through our smart speaker device. WellBe provides cost effective solutions for every type of

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