Your Health Risk Management Partner

WellBe® is a home health care service for individuals and a versatile health risk management resource for businesses. The innovative technology delivers complicated insurance and health care information quickly and clearly. From answering health care questions to explaining policy changes, WellBe is a direct link to your workforce, clients, and patients. It’s more than a smart speaker—it’s a new way to work.

Assisted Living Communities

WellBe enables senior living communities to better manage their residents’ health, safety, location, and homes. Much more than a source of health care information, WellBe is an entirely secure HIPAA-compliant way to:

  • Get help in an emergency
  • Stay safe anywhere
  • Receive entertainment and news
  • Manage medications
  • Receive community reminders
  • Control home with voice

Health Plans & Third-Party Administrators

WellBe allows health care members to take control of their health risk management right from their smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker. With advanced health and speech recognition technology, WellBe provides users with:

  • Personalized services
  • Impact risk adjustment
  • Impact Medicare star rating
  • Benefits connections
  • Medication management and non-compliance alerts
  • Curated health library
  • Smart health and fitness device integrations

Brokers and Consultants

WellBe’s voice-enabled virtual health assistant helps brokers provide their customers with solutions for better health and wellness. From reducing costs to promoting better health habits, WellBe is an invaluable tool in a broker’s arsenal. Its features include:

  • Benefits connection
  • Health plan questions
  • Medical non-adherence prevention
  • Health information tracking


WellBe is an employer’s partner in health risk management. Providing health reminders and support with medication adherence helps decrease health care costs and increase efficiency improvements


In addition, WellBe’s portable personal security devices keep employees safe and secure at work. If an emergency occurs while they are alone, they can press a button to summon help within seconds. Help can always be on the way when they need it, with features including: 

  • 24/7 SOS calling
  • Customizable contact numbers
  • GPS tracking
  • Two-way communication
  • Voice prompts
  • Security supervisor dashboard


WellBe offers associations discounts on products by embedding its seamless, low-cost app into existing health memberships.

By providing direct-from-carrier deals and promotions to employees, associations can save money while taking full advantage of their health benefits.


Offering virtual healthcare solutions especially for you

Our voice enabled virtual health assistant, WellBe®, is accessible from multiple platforms including iOS and Android as well as through our smart speaker device. WellBe provides cost effective solutions for every type of

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