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Your New Voice in Healthcare

WellBe® is both a home healthcare service for individuals and a versatile voice assistant resource for businesses. The innovative technology delivers complicated insurance and healthcare information quickly and clearly. From answering healthcare questions to explaining policy changes, WellBe® is a direct link to your workforce, clients, and patients. It’s more than a smart speaker. It’s a new way to work.


WellBe® for your business

Looking to better control your healthcare costs? Increase engagement with your members and employees? HFH Go is the digital health tool that can do just that. Access WellBe ® from anywhere, anytime. Combat medication non-adherence, reduce absenteeism and keep members and employees informed. 

The easy-to-use application can set reminders and appointments, deliver policy change updates, and handle a variety of logistical tasks that would otherwise eat up resources and time.

No matter the industry, your virtual healthcare assistant lends a helping hand and friendly voice. See how WellBe® can change your business.

Offering virtual healthcare solutions especially for you

Our voice enabled virtual health assistant, WellBe®, is accessible from multiple platforms including iOS and Android as well as through our smart speaker device. WellBe provides cost effective solutions for every type of

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