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Rising healthcare costs, expensive wellness initiatives, confusing incentive programs. Trying to keep employees and plan members healthy is no small task. HFH Go was designed to empower employees and plan members to take control of their healthcare. Better manage chronic conditions, combat medication non-adherence, and improve overall health, while lowering the cost of healthcare for your company. With HFH Go you can now deliver a holistic solution for improved health and wellness for only pennies a day. 

WellBe® in Your Pocket

Faster than an email, more accessible than a newsletter, and shorter than a conference call! HFH Go keeps employees and plan members informed and quickly answers questions about the cost of medical procedures, insurance, chronic conditions, and more!

Billion in avoidable medical costs *
$ 0

Medication Non-Adherence

Medication non-adherence is a rising issue among those with chronic conditions. 50% of medications for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed*. Industry-wide these cases account for $300 billion in avoidable medical costs*. HFH Go combats medication non-adherence helping you lower your healthcare costs, improve absenteeism, and increase referral follow-through. 

Estimated annual savings for each medication compliant chronic care member
$ 0
of PCP referrals do not result in documented appointments***
0 %
Estimated annual savings from decreased absenteeism **
$ 0

HFH Go delivers thousands of dollars in savings for just pennies per day. 

* NEHI Improving Patient Medication Adherence, **J Occup Environ Med. Impact of absenteeism and short-term disability for five chronic diseases. – CVS Caremark-sponsored research – Link between medication adherence and employee productivity, *** Closing the Referral Loop: an Analysis of Primary Care Referrals to Specialists in a Large Health System.

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Get Answers

Take WellBe® with you! With HFH Go your employees and plan members can have WellBe® with them wherever they go. Health questions, just ask! WellBe®, the voice-enabled virtual health assistant, is built into the app so all you have to do is talk and WellBe® will respond with an answer. Receive answers to health questions from our extensive medical library, or ask about the cost of a medical procedure and receive real-time answers specific to your insurance plan. 

Medication Reminders

Combat medication non-adherence with HFH Go. Manage medications, prescriptions, and medical appointments. Receive reminders to take medications at scheduled times. HFH Go will even remind you when it’s time to refill a prescription. 

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Health Tracking

Knowing their numbers helps employees and plan members be better healthcare consumers. WellBe® tracks a variety of key metrics and provides easy to understand charts that show progress. Integration with over 400+ smart health devices makes HFH Go the perfect HUB for healthier living. 

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Smart Health Device Integrations

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