10 WellBe Features That Can Simplify Your Life

wellbe smart speaker on side table

When you need a reminder, an answer, or an extra hand, just rely on WellBe. HandsFree Health’s smartphone app and voice-activated WellBe device makes life easier by letting you set up reminders once and then reminding you as needed. 

WellBe also responds to what you say and with the right answers at the right time. Here are ten ways WellBe makes life smarter, safer, and easier:

  1. WellBe reminds you to take your medication on time.
    No more alarms or clock-watching. Set up reminders once, and WellBe will remind you as needed.
  2. Offers appointment reminders – and can even tell you when it’s time to leave.
    Set up your medical appointment reminder for next month and WellBe will remind you when it’s approaching and even help you reschedule if needed.  
  3. Set simple reminders to help you remember to perform or do daily tasks.
    “Okay WellBe, remind me to pick up fruit at 8am tomorrow.” Sticky notes are so yesterday, wasteful, and can easily get lost. WellBe’s reminder feature makes it easy and hands-free.
  4. Answers health and medication questions.
    “Okay WellBe, what are side effects of my blood pressure medicine?” Our reliable health information platform provides sound and answers to your healthcare questions.  
  5. Keeps track of important measurable information.
    From weight to glucose to blood pressure, tell WellBe your numbers and let it record them for you. “Okay WellBe, record my blood pressure as 130 over 90.”
  6. Location services.
    Beyond finding healthcare providers and facilities in your area, WellBe can find anything from meal delivery services to a nearby drugstore.
  7. Works as a timer.
    Whether you’re cooking, stretching, or giving a toddler a time-out, WellBe’s hands-free timer hears you. “Okay, WellBe, set the timer for fifteen minutes” starts keeping time, and tells you when time’s up.
  8. Gives the latest sports, news, stock, and weather updates.
    “Okay WellBe, who won MLB Championship?” Get the weather report each morning – or any time of day.
  9. Pet answers.
    “Okay WellBe, why is my dog panting?” Beyond providing health answers for humans, WellBe is a great resource for pet owners, too.
  10. Modern fun.
    Why own more than one voice-activated device? Use WellBe to access music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. No typing. No downloads. Just ask and receive.*

*some services require subscriptions 

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