2020 Innovative Product WellBe Virtual Assistant App from HandsFree Health

wellbe mobile app and smart speaker device

Dennis Boone, Chief Consumer Marketing and Sales Officer

COVID-19 has placed added burdens on our healthcare system and patients. This shift in our world and the healthcare industry resulted in a need for healthcare resources more than ever in the home. An efficient way to do that is through voice recognition technology.

In the summer of 2020, HandsFree Health launched its WellBe Virtual Assistant app, which serves as the method for registration and management of the HandsFree Health voice-enabled smart speaker. While the app and the entire HandsFree Health platform was in development before COVID, the launch timing turned out to be ideal to help with our unfortunate current situation. HandsFree Health and the WellBe Virtual Assistant app were developed specifically around core issues in healthcare and senior living, including access to health and medical support in isolation. The app and smart speaker help individuals, especially seniors, remain at home, remain independent, and make health a priority.

HandsFree Health’s WellBe Virtual Assistant platform is unique in the healthcare industry as it is HIPAA compliant and secure, allows for remote setup by a caregiver, and is integrated into a voice technology platform that is specifically designed to support healthcare needs. The app enables better healthcare through health management support services for people’s daily lives. For instance, the app provides help with medication adherence through reminders and non-compliance alerts, appointment and preventive care reminders, tracking blood pressure/sugar and weight, and even prompts users to exercise. The platform has already attracted a lot of interest from consumers, employers, and retailers. And now, the HandsFree Health’s WellBe voice assistant device is being carried by leading e-commerce sites including Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Sears, Kmart, Alibaba, and Newegg.

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