3 Ways HandsFree Health Helps Seniors Stay Safe at Home

virtual health assistant for seniors

Caring for a loved one can be tough. Distance, careers, and other realities can prevent family and friends from providing a watchful eye. It often feels like an accident waiting to happen. Most seniors prefer to stay in their own home as they age. The cost of quality care facilities is often prohibitively expensive

How can seniors age in place without round-the-clock care?

It’s a very real challenge facing tens of thousands of Americans – and is the very challenge that inspired WellBe.

Voice-activated WellBe helps seniors stay independent, at home, in three key ways:

Medication Reminders

Sometimes it takes as little as one pill, taken as directed, to keep illness or injury at bay. Medication adherence is a common trouble spot for seniors whose memory has diminished.

Medication reminders are WellBe’s most valued feature. WellBe speaks up at appointed times, audibly reminding a senior that it’s time to take their medication. A verbal confirmation lets WellBe know that a senior has taken a medication. If confirmation fails, WellBe notifies a caregiver or healthcare provider.

Health Management

55% of seniors struggle to manage their daily health. Loss of motor skills, like typing, and the ability to securely hold a piece of paper is a common one.

Most seniors retain the ability to talk even after losing other functions. Conversational WellBe is the perfect resource for senior health management.

Seniors simply make verbal requests – “WellBe, what time is my appointment on Tuesday?” or “WellBe, what are symptoms of the flu?” – without typing, opening a book, or picking up the phone.

Controlling Costs

Senior living facilities don’t come cheap. Reoccurring injuries or illnesses can severely impact family finances. WellBe helps families save money by acting as an extra set of ears and an instant source of answers.

WellBe offers a host of features that enhance seniors’ lives. We’re proudest of the ones that protect health. With WellBe, seniors retain their independence. WellBe eases the burden on caregivers, which is greatly appreciated.

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