40 million healthcare policies later, here’s what we learned – and why we created WellBe.

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The human body is complex, capable of amazing things if given ongoing attention and care.

You might say the same about today’s healthcare landscape.

In 2019, the mix of medications, referrals, organization, and appointments needed to achieve and maintain good health can feel more confusing than the most complicated biological processes. The burden is especially heavy for people juggling their own health on top of someone else’s – an increasingly common reality as Baby Boomers rely on loved ones to help them remain at home, remain independent, or simply remain safe.

We – the team at HandsFree Health – saw this coming.

Not because of a crystal ball, but because of our front row seats. Our team has a combined 150 years experience at top insurance providers including Aetna Health and Magellan Health, where we collectively oversaw more than 40 million healthcare policies.

A few of us spotted a patient-related need more than a decade ago, stepping away from insurance to develop systems to improve patient experiences and outcomes. It was successful and satisfying work that revealed an even more specific, sobering reality:

American adults (especially seniors and those who care for them) are overwhelmed by health management, and largely overlooked by health management tools.

They crave affordable, reliable, easy-to-use ways to manage health and wellness better.

Developing those tools is the sole focus of HandsFree Health.

Our first one, WellBe, is a groundbreaking in-home voice-activated connectivity device similar to devices you might already use to play music or turn off the lights. Like those devices, WellBe speaks when spoken to. Unlike those devices, WellBe is the key to peace of mind, at-home safety, and better health.

Among its many features, WellBe can be programmed (onsite or remotely via an app) to remind loved ones to take medicine, to make or keep appointments, order refills, and – a critical product advantage – to require verbal confirmation that it’s been done.

WellBe also provides authoritative health facts. So whether mom asks WellBe what time to take her blood thinners or whether joint pain is reason to worry, WellBe can provide the answer, in earshot, on the spot.

Those features are truly just the beginning. WellBe – which consists of both the software and the in-home device – is HIPAA compliant, secure, and hands-free. It does not record conversations, nor is it in constant listening mode. It is the future of health and wellness, combining technology we know and trust with the in-home assurances more and more of us need.

We can’t wait for you to meet WellBe.

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