Access WellBe Virtual Assistant On Your Smartwatch

WellBe Talking on Watch

HandsFree Health announced today that all WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch users will have access to our Virtual Health Assistant WellBe from their watch. This update is available to all current customers with a paid subscription.

When will I receive the update?

Beginning 4/29/2021 your WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch should receive the update automatically when charging. You can manually update by going to Settings> Scroll down to About>Check For an Update

How do I access WellBe?

WellBe can be accessed on the menu screen of your watch. Once you receive your update there will be a new icon that resembles a microphone Voice icon - Google Material Design Icons in your carousel.

How Do I talk to WellBe?

To ask WellBe a question press the WellBe microphone icon Voice icon - Google Material Design Icons in your watch menu. After you press the icon it will beep and light-up blue, it is now listening for your question.

What types of things can I ask WellBe?

You can ask WellBe all kinds of things from health questions, to reminders and even the location of the nearest restaurant or medical facility. You can even ask WellBe to set a reminder for you. Here are a few of the most popular questions you can ask WellBe:

“What are the treatment options for a hernia?”

“Where is the nearest pharmacy?” 

“Is there a generic option for Zocor?”

“Where is the closest Italian restaurant?”

“Set a reminder to water the plants tomorrow.”

“What are my reminders?” (pin prompt – speak or type) – instructions on where to find or reset pin. 

To stop a long response say press the icon again Voice icon - Google Material Design Icons

In this case WellBe will prompt you to say or type your PIN.

If you don’t know your PIN code you can swipe down to close the pin pad. 

PIN codes can be reset in the WellBe Virtual Assistant app under Menu>My Profile> Account Info> Change PIN

How do I add reminders to WellBe?

The best way to ensure WellBe can remind you of all kinds of things is to fill in as much information as you can in the WellBe Virtual Assistant App. The app allows you to enter medical insurance information, doctors, pharmacies, medications, and general reminders. We strongly recommend you complete as much of your profile as you can to receive the best answers from WellBe. You can learn more about the WellBe Virtual Assistant App here.

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