Aligning Senior Living Technologies with Assisted Living Trends

Senior man smiling and using a tablet.

You might not immediately view assisted or senior living as a tech-driven field. After all, many people assume that older adults resist technology and may even go out of their way to avoid it.

 WellBe smart speaker with red and blue background. The fact is, neither of these misconceptions is true. Senior living technologies are not only being implemented by seniors and their caregivers, but they’re also being embraced. As more baby boomers retire and opt for living spaces that maintain their freedom, integrating more senior living technology solutions is more urgent than ever. Technology has become a vital link between seniors’ sense of independence and their health care, communication, entertainment, dining, and more.

HandsFree Health is at the forefront of senior living technology solutions. Our WellBe® Smart Speaker can become another member of your staff, improving the service provided in your community to ensure the safety of your residents. Whether your residents need answers to questions, seek reminders about medication or activities, or want extra entertainment throughout the day, WellBe is here to help.

What WellBe Senior Living Technology Can Do for Your Residents

According to the Pew Research Center, most people over age 65 have and use smartphones, and they see them as a vital connection to the world and as a tool that supports their freedom. Residents use their tablets and smartphones for everything from video chatting with friends and family to playing games, watching movies, and reading.

The WellBe Smart Speaker takes senior living technology solutions a step further, using voice-recognition technology to provide instant access to information and services, including:

Senior care professional instructing older adults on how to use their new tablets.

  • Curated health information
  • Timed medication and appointment reminders
  • Weather forecasts
  • Audiobooks and music

To help keep seniors and their loved ones connected, the WellBe Smart Speaker works with the Virtual Assistant app, which allows your residents to customize their profile with individual health information and contact information for friends and family. This senior living technology solution provides a voice-activated smart speaker or a smartphone that makes it easy for them to stay in touch, stay on track, and stay engaged.

Aligning With Senior Living Trends

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed senior living and assisted living homes. Before 2020, senior living communities focused on offering amenities from fitness centers and social activities to five-star dining rooms.

WellBe smart speaker on a side table next to a stack of books. As a result of the pandemic, that focus has changed. What are the recent trends in assisted living? More than ever before, assisted living and senior communities are seen as part of the health care continuum.

Since the pandemic began, communities have been focused on maintaining their residents’ well-being and keeping them safe. Protecting senior health is now the foundation of any assisted living community, with amenities and services layered on to add value.

For many seniors, a commitment to safety goes hand in hand with technological offerings. They expect communities to provide access to senior living technologies and tools to keep them safe and support their health care needs. In fact, the pandemic has spurred exponential growth in medical technology development to eliminate barriers to accessing necessary care and interaction with others.

WellBe helps you meet this expectation. The HIPAA-compliant platform supports medication adherence and compliance with automatic alerts, with the capability to monitor vital information, including:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • Temperature
  • Weight

When residents have questions or need information, all they need to do is activate the speaker. For example, they can ask:

  • “WellBe, what’s for dinner this evening?”
  • “WellBe, is it time to take my medication?”
  • “WellBe, play some music.”
  • “WellBe, call Bill.”

Turn to HandsFree Health For Help Following Trends in Senior Living Technologies

WellBe also makes it easy for caregivers to check in on their loved ones using the app, providing extra peace of mind. They can monitor their loved one’s health and well-being even at a distance, supporting better safety and overall continuity of care.

WellBe is easy to install and even easier to use. It keeps your staff, residents, and families engaged with seniors’ health and well-being. Schedule a demo of the senior living technology today and learn more about how you can meet resident expectations and improve the quality of your care. For more information on the benefits of senior care technology, download our free e-book, The Senior Living Community Guide to Senior-Focused Technology.

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