Transform Your Residents’ Lives with Senior Living Technology Solutions

Medical alert systems have long been a tool to help seniors maintain their independence while remaining safe and getting access to help when they need it most

But what if there was a medical alert system that helped improve quality of life and well-being? What if senior living technology solutions could connect the people you care for with important updates and reminders, provide access to entertainment and information on demand, and keep them in touch with loved ones—and emergency services when needed?

Senior man talks with his daughter on a sofa.

These senior living technology solutions exist in the form of WellBe. Designed by the healthcare industry veterans at HandsFree Health, WellBe is a collection of HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use devices designed to keep seniors safe, healthy, and engaged. Meet the WellBe Smart Speaker, Smartwatch, and Pendant, and see how they can benefit your senior living community


WellBe Smart Speaker

As a senior living community manager, the safety and comfort of your residents are your top priorities. Maintaining such high standards usually means busy days — and sometimes, it can be a challenge for staff to meet every resident’s needs as quickly as they would like to.

Senior living technology solutions like the WellBe Smart Speaker can help reduce some of the pressure on your team while increasing your residents’ comfort and overall satisfaction. The WellBe Smart Speaker is a voice-activated, HIPAA-compliant, virtual health assistant that allows users to manage their health better. 

Active seniors smile while they lift weights.

To use the WellBe Smart Speaker, all one has to do is ask, and they can access:

  • Information about their insurance coverage 
  • Answers to health-related questions for both themselves and their pets
  • Details about their health status, including weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar
  • Reminders about doctor’s appointments and medications
  • Entertainment, including music, news, and audiobooks
  • Weather forecasts 

The WellBe Smart Speaker also allows users to connect with family and friends by making voice-activated calls, ensuring that your community can reach their loved ones any time they want to. The Smart Speaker also works with the WellBe Virtual Health Assistant App, making it easy for older adults and their loved ones to stay in touch and up-to-date. 

WellBe Smartwatch

The busy and active members of your community want senior living technology solutions that keep them safe wherever they happen to be. The WellBe Smartwatch fills this need, offering added protection and peace of mind when they are on the go. 

The sleek smartwatch includes all of the features you want in a wearable device, including a pedometer and heart rate monitor, as well as 24/7 access to emergency response services. Any time help is needed, the wearer can use the watch as a two-way communication device to request assistance—and the built-in GPS makes it easy for responders to locate them, wherever they are.

WellBe Pendant 

Group of seniors enjoy playing cards together.

The newest member of the WellBe family, the Pendant, is a discreet, innovative medical alert device. Measuring less than two inches wide, the tiny device packs many features, including fall detection, GPS location capabilities, and two-way talk and push-button access to emergency services. The lightweight pendant integrates with the Wellbe Virtual Assistant App, ensuring loved ones are instantly notified when their senior needs help.

The WellBe Pendant offers seniors independence and freedom without wearing a bulky emergency alert device. When they choose not to wear a SmartWatch — or for those who prefer not to wear a watch at all — the Pendant provides the same peace of mind.


Get the Most from HandsFreeHealth’s Senior Living Technology Solutions  with Medical Alert PLUS 

WellBe’s collection of senior living technology solutions keeps older adults safe and in control of their well-being—and the Medical Alert PLUS bundle of the WellBe Smart Speaker and a wearable device makes it even easier. 

The bundle offers protection both at home and on the go at significant savings. From reminding your residents to take their medication at home to ensuring they have 24/7 access to emergency services, the Medical Alert Plus bundle is the most comprehensive option for providing peace of mind. 


Learn More About WellBe

HandsFree Health understands the challenges senior living community managers face—and what residents and their loved ones need and want. To give you a better understanding of how HandsFree Health and the family of WellBe devices can help ease everyone’s pain points, we’re offering a free guide, “The Senior Living Community Guide to Senior-Focused Technology.” 

Download your copy of this free guide today to learn more about solutions to improve health management and care for your residents to take senior care to a new level.