Everyday Health Support Through Wearable Tech for Seniors

A daughter embraces her mother, knowing she is safe using wearable tech for seniors.As parents age, adult children often want them to live in a community that adequately supports their health and well-being so they can enjoy happier lives. This transition to a more structured environment can take a lot of work for independent-minded seniors. Senior living communities must balance all of these needs, maintaining freedom for aging adults while providing necessary care.

On top of that, running an assisted living community presents various daily challenges. With the health of dozens of individuals in your hands, making the best choices for your community is always challenging, especially when staffing and budget constraints mean constantly finding the best ways to distribute resources. Providing a stimulating and dynamic environment while ensuring immediate care for older adults requires innovative planning.

The HandsFree Health team understands all of these challenges. That’s why we are dedicated to providing modern solutions for seniors and the caregivers who look after them. Our wearable technology for senior living delivers consistent, immediate emergency services without sacrificing self-sufficiency or safety.

Discover how the WellBe® Smartwatch and the new WellBe Pendant create a happier, healthier community through smart technology.

The WellBe Smartwatch: Wearable Health Support

Staying Healthy with Smart Technology

Older friend hugs one another while enjoying the outdoors.The WellBe Smartwatch offers powerful technology for daily living. This health watch for seniors monitors and alerts seniors and their caretakers about important health information. The integrated heart monitor can detect irregularities, allowing lifesaving intervention before more serious issues occur. The built-in pedometer helps keep track of activity, assisting aging community members in sticking with fitness goals. Finally, the watch is fully integrated with other HandsFree Health systems, allowing the watch to track blood pressure, weight, and glucose levels.

WellBe’s power as a HIPAA-compliant virtual health assistant makes it unique, and the smartwatch for older adults lets seniors access the system wherever they go. The two-way communication device for elderly residents reminds users to take medications and attend doctor’s appointments. The watch can also remind the user of upcoming events in the living community.

WellBe now offers the Smartwatch Plus, which incorporates fall detection in the event of an extreme emergency where a senior cannot communicate verbally due to injury from a fall.

Keeping Seniors Safe

Even the best senior living communities can’t watch all residents at all times. The WellBe smartwatch is a vital communication and support device when emergencies strike. Smart voice technology allows older adults to call for help without any buttons, signaling staff and first responders. This two-way communication device for elderly residents ensures the user doesn’t feel alone while waiting for emergency operators to arrive and allows medical staff to give them vital information instantly.

For seniors who experience emergencies that leave them unable to communicate, the WellBe wearable tech for seniors provides additional solutions. The built-in GPS advanced location tracking system means even if the user cannot give their location to caregivers or emergency medical personnel, they can be easily found and assisted.

A Wearable Device That’s Built to Be Active

Many seniors resist wearables for seniors. For one, they are often bulky and unappealing. Perhaps more significantly, medical devices can be a constant reminder that an aging adult’s health is not what it once was. The WellBe Smartwatch breaks the mold, delivering all of the necessary health care functionality in a sleek, attractive package.

For a senior living community looking for a simple but powerful health care tool for its occupants, the WellBe Smartwatch fits the bill. The smartwatch for older adults looks like any other modern smart device, making it an easy, unobtrusive addition to a senior’s routine. It also comes preloaded with complete functionality, meaning no difficult, confusing, or time-consuming setup. Even better, the watch is water-resistant. This allows seniors to stay protected while bathing, swimming, or doing other activities like gardening without worrying about getting the watch wet. Community members can continue activity levels, be engaged, and stay independent while reducing the workload on caretakers.

The WellBe Pendant: Small in Size. Big on Safety

A Low-Profile Wearable Device for Everyday Use

Aging can be difficult, and many community members may reject help from a medical guardian, even when needed. Health emergency buttons can provide a safeguard for independent-minded seniors but also remind them of their age. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Unlike past wearable tech for seniors, the WellBe Pendant includes comprehensive functionality packed into a small, attractive, lightweight device. This allows you to use your staff more effectively while giving your residents the freedom and safety they need.

Emergency Response Meets Smart Tech

Like all HandsFree Health products, the pendant is a complete, connected health assistant. Boasting a 4G LTE cellular connection and WiFi connectivity, the pendant is always online, ready to provide a two-way communication device for elderly residents and a GPS location to living community staff and emergency medical responders.

Make the Difference for Your Residents and Staff

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