Common Objections to Using a Medical Alert Bracelet for Men or Women

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It is a fact that as our loved ones age, their risk of injury increases. That’s why it’s essential to have a conversation with them about the realities of aging. You’ll want to consider options and discuss how to support their safety while still granting them the independence they need to be happy. One reliable way to minimize harm is getting your loved one a wearable device that monitors their vitals. Medical alert bracelets for men and women provide 24/7 access to medical services, medication reminders, and more.

Older adults can often be resistant to change – especially when it comes to an unfamiliar piece of technology. Nonetheless, convincing your loved ones to use a wearable medical device could be a life-saving conversation

First, you should prepare for this discussion. Here, we’ll explore common objections from older adults and some effective persuasion tips. 

Resistance to New Technology

Many seniors become resistant when presented with yet another device to learn and incorporate into daily life. They may not think the hassle is worth it. 

While medical alert bracelets are high-tech, users will never see that complexity. Instead, those wearing the bracelet will experience a simple and intuitive interface for their needs.  

Before you show them the device, learn how to use it yourself so that you can answer their questions with more confidence. Go one step further and offer to be their first point of contact for tech support. This will reduce their anxiety and make it easier to ask for help. 

Don’t worry too much about being on-call, given that these alert bracelets are far less complex than other everyday devices.

Cost Concerns

Even if your loved one is willing to learn how to use their medical smartwatch, they may get stuck on the cost. If you offer to buy the device, they may still insist it’s a waste of money. However, communicate to them that their safety is worth more than the cost of the watch.

Additionally, the cost of high-quality, easy-to-use health technology continues to decrease. Today, a cutting-edge medical bracelet costs less and offers more to the wearer than ever before. 

Once the device is purchased, medical smartwatches also require a monthly subscription fee for their associated services.

Embarrassment About Device Appearance

Nobody wants to wear a big, chunky, outdated device despite the compelling reasons to use an alert bracelet. If the bracelet stands out too much, chances are your loved one won’t wear it regularly.

Fortunately, modern technology has enabled medical alert bracelets to be small, light, and sleek. If your loved one is still concerned, you can inform them that smartwatches are fashionable now – and health wearables are growing in popularity

Fearing the Loss of Independence

When you introduce the idea of a medical smartwatch to a senior, they may already have a stigma attached to such devices. A senior person might feel that a wearable medical device will limit their freedom by constantly watching over them. 

You can respond that a medical bracelet actually grants them more freedom than it takes away. Wearing the device will allow them to go out and explore with fewer concerns about getting help for an injury.

Most importantly, don’t dismiss any self-consciousness or embarrassment an older adult may express about a medical alert device. While their concerns may seem trivial because you know the benefits, your loved ones do not. When they express their feelings, aim to validate and respond to them lovingly.

Choosing the Right Medical Alert Bracelet

While you may be uncomfortable bringing up the subject, the benefits of the right medical device are too great to ignore. Every senior will respond differently to the idea. However, if you’re speaking from a place of love and care, they should at least consider your proposal.  

Finding the right medical alert bracelet for men and women is an essential part of the process. You’ll want to find a bracelet that is easy to use, sleek, discreet, and well-priced. Otherwise, the chances of getting your loved one to actually use it are low. 

The WellBe Smartwatch® offers all the key features you could want in a medical bracelet for seniors. The interface is clean, simple, and safe, with its data stored on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. A WellBe Smartwatch lets seniors: 

  • Monitor their vitals
  • Access emergency services
  • Get reminders about medication and exercise
  • Communicate with friends and family

Finally, the WellBe Smartwatch integrates with a mobile app so that you and other caregivers can stay up-to-date on your loved one’s well-being. If you want the best medical alert bracelet for your loved one, shop for a WellBe Smartwatch today.

Image of the Wellbe smartwatch next to the Wellbe speaker and iphone app.

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