Discover the Easier Way to Manage Chronic Conditions

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Chronic conditions like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes can be difficult to manage and control. Most people with chronic conditions have more than one, so they need to juggle a variety of medications, medical appointments and symptoms. A forgotten medication or overlooked doctor visit could result in a worsening of the condition and a decline in quality of life. 1

Fortunately, new technology is now available that can make it easier to help people manage chronic conditions. WellBe is the premier hands-free, voice-activated virtual health assistant.  WellBe is a reliable, HIPAA-compliant proprietary health platform that provides medication and appointment reminders and caregiver notifications, medical cost estimates, health answers, emergency support and more.

Here’s how WellBe can make it easier to manage chronic conditions:

  • By Making Sure Doctor and Specialist Appointments Are Kept. When managing a chronic condition, it’s very important to maintain a good relationship with both the primary care physician and the specialists who provide unique care. Getting to scheduled appointments on time is an important first step.

    WellBe provides helpful reminders about upcoming doctor visits, including a suggested “leave time,” factoring in estimated time to travel to the destination, helping patients arrive on time. Unlike other virtual assistants, WellBe is HIPAA-compliant, so privacy is always protected.

  • By Providing Convenient Reminders about Medication. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that failing to take medication as prescribed causes up to HALF of chronic disease treatment failures. Worse, the CDC estimates that medication is not taken as prescribed 50 percent of the time.2

    After medications and prescription details are entered into the companion app, WellBe will provide convenient medication reminders. WellBe will even notify a care giver if a reminder is ignored – who can follow up to make sure everything’s ok.

    WellBe can store both pharmacy and prescription details and offers refill reminders – never run out of a medication again.

  • By Helping You Track Your Numbers. Most chronic conditions have key numbers that are important to watch. WellBe keeps a record of key numbers like blood pressure and blood glucose, tracking progress and giving an early heads up if numbers start to slip.

  • By Keeping Your Caregiver Engaged.  If a caregiver doesn’t live with a patient, it’s very important that they be kept in the loop. If they know there’s an upcoming doctor’s appointment or that a prescription needs to be refilled, they can check in to see if any help is needed.

    WellBe requires a verbal confirmation that reminders have been heard. Caregiver will be notified if there is no confirmation so they can check and make sure everything is OK.
  • To learn more about how WellBe can help you or a loved one manage a chronic condition, contact us today!

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