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HandsFree Health is the digital health platform utilized by leading mobile applications to provide their membership with valuable health tools.  As an app user you are interacting with the HandsFree Health platform. The following support content will help you navigate your mobile app. *Note the design and the appearance of the app may vary from.

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Once downloaded create an account and fill in your health information. Use the videos above for a helpful way to navigate the app.

Currently WellBe has access to most major medical Insurance carriers, although we do not have access to all plans, we are adding more every day. This means that there might be a waiting period until your specific carrier is added to our database.

No, there is not a limit for users under one household.

You can add a user by going to the WellBe Virtual Assistant App, going to “Settings” and then “Households”. Next click the specific household that you would like to add a new user into and at the bottom of the screen click “Add User”. Once this is clicked, determine the role of the user, give them specific permissions and then click “Add User”. You will now input specific information about this new user and then click “Invite”. This new user will get an email with a six-letter invitation code to set up their own account.

Yes. If you go to the WellBe Virtual Assistant App, “My profile” and then “History”. This page will show all of your responses to the device, at the specific time and date they were recorded.

Your appointments and reminders can be put in manually into the WellBe Virtual Assistant App.

All of your upcoming appointments and reminders will show on the home screen of your WellBe Virtual Assistant App. For appointments, the app will not only show the time your appointment will occur but also what time you should leave for your appointment. This takes in consideration the time it will take for you to travel to the provider and for you to arrive 30 minutes before the appointment.

This depends on the person and their access to specific personal information such as their insurance, medication, pharmacy and provider. If these are easily at hand, then the process should not take more than 20 minutes.

A user’s username and password can be changed in the WellBe Virtual Assistant App. This can be found under “My Profile”, then “Account Info”.

Currently, WellBe can only recognize English.

Currently, the name and voice of WellBe cannot be changed.

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