HandsFree Health and eternalHealth Partnership Delivers Digital Health Tool to Medicare Advantage Membership

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WAYNE, Pa.Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HandsFree Health™, provider of WellBe®, a secure, HIPAA compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform, today announced it will partner with eternalHealth™, a Massachusetts based Medicare Advantage Plan, to deliver the HandsFree Health Digital Health Tool to its membership. The HandsFree Health Digital Health Tool is a groundbreaking mobile health solution designed to improve compliance and healthcare management. Through this partnership, HandsFree Health’s Digital Health Tool will be custom branded to reflect eternalHealth’s corporate design and is available to all eternalHealth members as of January first as part of their Medicare Advantage coverage.

eternalHealth, Massachusetts’ newest Medicare Advantage plan and the first to get approved by the State since 2013, is a woman-owned and woman-run health plan. eternalHealth leverages a cloud-based platform that embraces Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to reduce SG&A costs within their organization, which allows them to offer robust products, with lower out-of-pocket costs and affordable premiums.

“eternalHealth is a forward-thinking Medicare Advantage Plan with a commitment to utilizing technology to benefit its plan members,” said Mike Cardillo, CEO of HandsFree Health. “This commitment is evident in our partnership and together we will deliver industry-leading technology to help their members better manage their health at home.”

The HandsFree Health Digital Health Tool will provide eternalHealth members with 24/7 access to WellBe®, the award-winning Virtual Health Assistant, via their smartphones or tablets. WellBe® will answer health questions, provide medication reminders, alert members when it’s time to refill a prescription and even connect their smart home and health devices. With WellBe®, members will be able to stay compliant with their care plans as well as track readings like blood pressure, glucose, pulse ox, weight and more. The mobile app is personalized to each family member providing individualized support and reminders. Household management allows busy families to manage their health as well as provide caregivers with the tools to better support loved ones in need.

“At eternalHealth, our members are our priority and when looking for a partner in this area, we knew education and ease of use were extremely important. HandsFree Health’s unique, technology centric approach, to medication management and health education helps us deliver on our promise to provide our membership with technology that enables them to live healthier lives,” said Pooja Ika, Founder and CEO eternalHealth. “We are excited to offer this digital health tool as a benefit to all our Medicare Advantage members.”

HandsFree Health’s HIPAA compliant platform leverages Microsoft technologies to provide a completely integrated approach to healthcare. The voice-enabled platform provides members with access to information about their healthcare, call their doctor, receive health answers, upload reading from hundreds of connected medical devices and control their home environment using just their voice. The HandsFree Health Digital Health Tool is available on iOS and Android.

About HandsFree Health™

HandsFree Health™ offers a suite of products for consumers and businesses to move individuals closer to compliance and optimal health. HandsFree Health makes intelligently designed, fully integrated health and wellness platforms. HandsFree Health has quickly become the benchmark for voice technology in healthcare. HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe®, the premier voice enabled virtual health AI assistant platform. WellBe is a secure voice-activated assistant, built on a trusted, HIPAA compliant platform. Products are sold online at HandsFree Health, as well as other online retailers including Walmart.comAmazon.comeBay.comRiteAid.comDrLeonards.com and Newegg.com.

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