HandsFree Health To Be Featured At Microsoft BUILD 2019

Microsoft Build Featured

HandsFree Health™’s platform will be featured during Microsoft CVP Steven Guggenheimer’s Day One session at Microsoft BUILD 2019. The demo will highlight Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services as well as next-generation vision services, which are integrated into the HandsFree Health platform. The collaboration will bring Azure Cognitive Services to the healthcare community through HandsFree Health.

“At Microsoft BUILD 2019, we will demonstrate the power of combining Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technology with HandsFree Health’s HIPAA-compliant platform for healthcare consumers, patients, and employees,” said Mike Cardillo, Co-Founder and President, HandsFree Health. “HandsFree Health will bring secure, health-focused voice-enabled technology to consumers in their homes and Microsoft’s technology will enhance usability.”

The Microsoft BUILD conference will feature HandsFree Health’s WellBe mobile app integration into the Healthcare Accelerator for Dynamics 365. The HandsFree Health platform coupled with Azure Custom Vision service allows patients to take pictures of prescription bottles and have those medications automatically added to the HandsFree Health platform. Through this connection with the Microsoft healthcare accelerator platform, HandsFree Health’s medicine reminder alerts can notify a patient’s physician of a missed dose. This secure technology helps consumers and their caregivers with medication adherence, to help reduce healthcare costs by increasing compliance.

“WellBe is a secure and HIPAA compliant device for the home that puts health notifications, personalized services, and answers all in one place,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, AI & ISV Engagement. “When it is connected to our Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator for Dynamics 365, WellBe creates a digital feedback loop alongside other medical devices, bringing caregivers and patients closer together.”

Microsoft BUILD 2019 will offer key insights into the future of technology and feature new innovations and collaborations.

How to watch: 
HandsFree Health will be featured Monday May 6, 2019 at 2:00pm PT, for attendees in person and will be available on-demand.

HandsFree Health contacts: 
Media contact: media@handsfreehealth.com 
Sales contact: contactus@handsfreehealth.com

About HandsFree Health™ 
HandsFree Health™ is committed to creating health and wellness platforms that keep you and your loved ones on track to good health. We make intelligently designed, fully integrated platforms that move quality-conscious health and wellness consumers closer to compliance and optimal health. Individuals love the easy, streamlined support. Employers and healthcare systems value our products’ impact on consumer’s accountability, compliance, and awareness. HandsFree Health is the parent company for WellBe®. WellBe is the HandsFree Health virtual assistant that connects voice recognition technology with health expertise, keeping your health habits on track.

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