HandsFree Health’s WellBe Smart Speaker And Smartwatch Available On Amazon

wellbe voice assistant available on amazon

WAYNE, Pa.Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HandsFree Health™, provider of WellBe®, a secure, HIPAA compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform, today announced that the WellBe® voice assistant and WellBe® Emergency Alert Smartwatch are now available for convenient, fast shipping directly to homes in the U.S. through Amazon.com.

“Consumers are seeking digital home healthcare products as a safe and simple way to support their healthcare needs,” said Dan Messina, Co-Founder, HandsFree Health. “We are providing a platform built on voice technology that helps facilitate prevention, wellness, and adherence within the home environment.”

Smart healthcare technologies are increasingly being adopted to provide more efficiency in medical care and enhance the health experience. This experience is naturally extended into the home, where important health decisions are being made during the COVID-19 pandemic. The patented HandsFree Health technology is easy for consumers to use daily, making the voice assistant experience not just a part of everyday lives, but a lasting habit. The integrated HIPAA-compliant system helps to ensure that health information is secure using state of the art voice recognition technology for each user. WellBe’s family-friendly device also offers custom colored lights and custom voice prompts for each family member’s health notifications in the home.

“The future direction of healthcare from the patient perspective is the ability to meet individual health needs with greater efficiency combined with the ease of incorporating health support in their daily lives at home,” said Dennis Boone, Chief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer. “Amazon will help deliver our products into the homes of consumers nationwide who are looking for the health assistance and enhanced safety provided by the WellBe smartwatch and WellBe virtual assistant for their families.”

In addition to the consumer offering, HandsFree Health provides its award-winning voice technology platform including the WellBe smart speaker, WellBe app, and WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch directly to health plans and employers. Access to the devices by employees in their homes help employers who are seeking additional health and benefits support for remote workers. To learn more about HandsFree Health™ consumer solutions click here. For our business solutions click here.   
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About HandsFree Health™
HandsFree Health™ offers a suite of products for consumers and businesses to move individuals closer to compliance and optimal health. HandsFree Health makes intelligently designed, fully integrated health and wellness platforms. HandsFree Health has quickly become the benchmark for voice technology in healthcare. HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe®, the premier voice enabled virtual health AI assistant platform. WellBe is a secure voice-activated assistant, built on a trusted, HIPAA compliant platform. Products are sold online at HandsFree Health, as well as other online retailers including Walmart.comAmazon.com, and Newegg.com.

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