How HIPAA-Compliant WellBe Can Help Seniors Stay Safe From Fraud

A turquoise symbol locked on a shield over computer code in the background to symbolize privacy.

Identity theft and other privacy violations are on the rise in the United States and seniors are especially vulnerable. Fraud impacts more than 2 million older Americans every year[1].

But ensuring seniors’ privacy isn’t as simple as keeping social security numbers, bank account information, insurance details, and passwords out of the wrong hands. It’s also about protecting their medical records and other personal health details.   

As the FBI explains on their website, older adults who grew up in the first half of the 20th century are more likely to be polite and trusting of strangers claiming to have their best interest in mind. By offering misappropriated details about health as false evidence of credibility, fraudulent individuals have been known to sway seniors to stay on the phone, share other critical information, provide access to accounts, or even let strangers into their home.

HIPAA Compliant

For these reasons and more, HandsFree Health designed the entire WellBe platform to be HIPAA compliant from the inside out. HIPAA – short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – is a framework of standards ensuring that a person’s medical information and related data are safeguarded against anyone outside of authorized family members, caretakers, or close friends.

Creating an in-home HIPAA-compliant device is a high standard almost unheard of in the voice technology space. Many other in-home devices advertise HIPAA compliance, but in reality many skills and apps support are not, leaving the door open to inappropriate disclosure.

WellBe HIPAA Standards

  • WellBe is always in fully secure HIPAA mode – not in and out like most other devices
  • Voice recognition features and PIN numbers ensure that health information can only be accessed by designated users
  • WellBe never saves recordings
  • WellBe only sources health answers from a trusted, respected global leader of health information
  • WellBe’s internal operations are as secure as its users’ personal information. All of HandsFree Health staff has a full understanding of HIPAA – its importance, complexities, and compliance.

When you welcome WellBe into your home, you can feel secure that you and your loved one’s information is safe.


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