How WellBe Can Help You Remember to Take Your Medication (and More)

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ways to remember to take your medication

WellBe is an easy way to get personalized, hands-free, voice reminders without compromising your privacy and security. Here are some of the ways that WellBe can improve your overall health by helping you stay on track with medications:

Personalized reminders. Once set up, WellBe speaks up at appointed times, offering reminders to take medicine, refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and more. You can easily set reminders to take a walk, call a friend, send a birthday card, or do anything else you might want to remember.

Programmable from near or far. Program WellBe using just your voice, or with the WellBe app – a feature that’s ideal for loved ones or caregivers who aren’t nearby to set up WellBe in-person.

Accountability and assurance. WellBe requires verbal confirmation that reminders have been heard, and can even be programmed to contact a family member or health provider if confirmation isn’t given. This is especially helpful for caregivers who can’t be there with a loved one.

Authoritative health answers. Instead of flipping through pages or typing questions into a search browser, simply ask your question aloud – “WellBe, how long is a cold contagious?” – for answers on the spot.

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