Authority Magazine – Inspirational Women Leaders Of Tech: Kelly Johnston of HandsFree Health

authority magazine feature on kelly johnston of hands free health

The Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Very Successful Tech Company

An Interview With Doug Brown

  1. Listen. Really listen. Far too often bosses do a lot of talking. My team is incredibly smart and full of great ideas. If I do all the talking, I miss out on some great insight.
  2. Don’t place blame when things don’t go well. I have worked in environments where managers were more focused on who was responsible when they should have focused on a solution. I solve first then look back to see how the problem could have been avoided.
  3. Don’t blame yourself when things don’t go well. This one has taken a lifetime to learn. It is easy, especially for women, to feel responsible for problems.
  4. Have fun. Work is hard enough. We need to try and bring some joy into each day. Not always easy, but worthwhile.

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