Less Worry, Added Safety: Why Caregivers Trust (and Love) WellBe

virtual health assistant for caregivers

We talk with you every day: Men and women stretched thin caring for a senior you love. Some of you jeopardize your own wellbeing (emotional, physical, spiritual) in the process.

We’ll never forget the words of one woman we met during WellBe’s research and development phase:

“If there was someone or something that could make sure my mother-in-law up the street took her medicine, I could get back those fifteen minutes spent walking to her house to check on her every day – and that would mean the world.”

All at once beautiful and tragic, this modern challenge begs the question: How can today’s caregivers ensure the security of loved ones while also taking care of themselves?

It’s a particularly tricky question in 2019, when many caregivers are separated from seniors by miles, or have other major responsibilities (careers, children, pets, partners) on top of caregiving.

Voice-activated WellBe was designed with all of these realities in mind – giving added reassurance whether a loved one lives down the hall, up the block, or around the globe. An extra set of ears and a wellspring of answers, WellBe gives caregivers some time back for themselves while keeping them more connected with their loved one than ever before.


WellBe is a voice-activated device that speaks when spoken to. It is best known for medication and appointment reminders:

SENIOR: “WellBe, do I have any reminders?”

WELLBE:“You have two reminders – one for your appointment with Dr. Smith on Friday, August 1st, at 10am. The second will remind you to take your blood pressure medication at 11am everyday.”

But WellBe’s ability to securely access and vocalize a wide variety of information (personal and universal) is just as valuable. With WellBe, critical answers are only a question – and response – away:

  • Personal healthcare coverage specifics (“WellBe, what is my individual deductible?” and “WellBe, does Mom have coverage for chiropractor care?”)
  • Industry-wide treatment costs (“WellBe, how much does a knee replacement cost?”)
  • Universal health answers provided by HealthWise  (“WellBe, what are the treatment options for asthma?” or “WellBe, what are the symptoms of a food allergy?”)
  • Location finding (“WellBe, where is the closest urgent care center?”)
  • General news and weather (“WellBe, what was the Phillies score last night?” or “WellBe, what’s the temperature outside?”)

Tracking and general reminders are WellBe’s other power. Reminders can be scheduled aloud or remotely via the WellBe app, by seniors themselves or by the person looking out for them. WellBe’s insights touch all areas of life:

  • Health tracking (“WellBe, record my blood pressure at 190 over 110.”)
  • Hygiene and care (“WellBe, remind Dad to brush his teeth at 8pm.”)
  • Physical activity (“WellBe, can you remind me to stretch at noon?”)
  • Bill pay (“WellBe, can you tell Mom to pay her cable bill on September 1st?”)
  • Home safety (“WellBe, remind me to close the windows before I go to bed.”)
  • Housekeeping (“WellBe, remind Mom to get the mail today.”)
  • Birthdays and occasions (“WellBe, remind Uncle Fran to call Robert for his birthday on August 17th.”)
  • Shopping (“WellBe, remind me tomorrow morning to get milk at the store.”)
  • Pet health (“WellBe, what causes bad breath in dogs?”)
  • Timer functions (“WellBe, tell me when fifteen minutes have passed.”)

Once a reminder is given (“It is time for you to take your blood thinner medication. Have you done that, or would you like to get back to me?”), the recipient either confirms receipt or asks to reminded again – the WellBe equivalent of a snooze button! If they wish, caregivers can program a compliance request. A compliance request is a notification delivered to designated caregivers via email or text if a reminder has not been acknowledged by the senior after a programmable number of tries.

Helping a loved one stay safe and independent feels good – for them, and for you, too.  Lean on WellBe for peace of mind and more.

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