Long-Distance Caregiving: How WellBe Can Help

person touching wellbe smart speaker

When mom or dad live in another city, state, or country, staying connected can be tough – especially as they age.

If you are in this boat, you are not alone. Studies show that fifteen percent of caregivers in the United States are long-distance, living an average of 450 miles away from mom, dad, or another senior they love. It presents a challenge. From care coordination to home safety, how can you take care of a senior (or a least keep a watchful eye on them) from far away?

Bridging this gap is one of the main reasons that we created WellBe. WellBe is a HIPAA-compliant, voice-activated smart speaker that helps caregivers stay connected to seniors from anywhere through a number of carefully-designed features, including these favorites:

Remote Setup and Use

We designed WellBe so it can be set up by loved ones remotely, from down the street or across the country.

All a senior needs to do is plug their WellBe speaker device into a standard outlet and communicate the activation code. From there, a designated loved one can set up WellBe from afar, which includes downloading the free Wellbe smartphone app and becoming an administrator. From that moment forward, you can use the app to set medication and appointment reminders, and other features that will help your senior. Most importantly, you can do it from anywhere, at any time.


WellBe’s reminder feature notifies seniors when it’s time to take their medication, but it can also be used for so much more. 

You can set up WellBe to remind a senior to pay a bill, lock the front door before bed, call their grandchild on their birthday or watch their favorite TV show. Reminders can be one-time, recurring or programmed months out or minutes before.


Compliance notifications are one of WellBe’s most popular features. They notify you, the long-distance caregiver, if your loved one does not confirm that a health related reminder was completed. For example, your mom may need to be reminded daily to take her medications. Since this is very time-consuming, you can simply set medication reminders for your mom in the Wellbe Virtual Assistant app. When the medication time occurs, your mom will confirm with Wellbe that she has taken it. If she hasn’t, you as the caregiver will be alerted that she missed her dose. This takes some of the difficulty out of managing your mom’s health from afar.

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