Voice-Activated Emergency Calls: An Essential Feature

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Medical alert devices play an essential part in the modern-day aging process for seniors. As technological advances continue to march on, seniors can retain more independence while being safer and healthier than ever before. 

Pendants, watches, speakers, and apps are all tools that seniors and their families can use. While many features are available to seniors, voice-activated emergency calls are one of the most important. Read on to learn why voice-activated emergency calls are an essential backup plan for modern-day senior care technology. 

Voice-Activated Emergency Calls in a Pinch

In the past, senior care technology with built-in emergency care signaling used a button to signal the need for help. In other words, the seniors had to be able to find and press the button if they wanted to get the help they needed.

However, the fact remains that seniors cannot always get to the button after a slip, fall, or other accident. Sometimes, their voice is the only tool they have to get the help they need. 

Without the capability to recognize speech and act on it, the senior care technology they trust their life with does nothing. When seniors and their families put the well-being of a loved one in the hands of a senior care device, voice recognition is absolutely essential. 

Although implementing such technology in the world of senior care is relatively new, it should now be a priority for anyone in the market for senior care technology. 

Devices with Voice-Activated Emergency Calls

Keeping in mind the benefits of voice-activated help for elderly, the next step is finding senior care devices that include the technology. Ideally, you could find an ecosystem of devices that integrate with one another, create a field of protection, and summarize their monitoring findings in one place. Meet WellBe®, the premier voice-activated senior care system. 

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The WellBe ecosystem consists of a smartwatch, pendant, home speaker, and app built to keep seniors safe and healthy. Most importantly, voice recognition is a cornerstone of the WellBe system. 

If a senior is on the go, their smartwatch or pendant has them covered. With voice-activated emergency calls, among a host of other features, WellBe keeps seniors safe when they are outside and living their active, healthy lives. 

If they are at home and don’t have their smartwatch or pendant on them, the WellBe smart speaker provides the protection they need. In a slip or a fall, seniors simply have to tell WellBe they need help. Afterward, WellBe will take care of the rest to ensure that seniors always have access to the medical help they need. 

Not only does WellBe provide the most comprehensive senior care technology, but it also does so at an affordable price. For a market-leading $44.95 per month, WellBe is priced to provide safety and peace of mind to seniors and their families. 

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