Voice-Activated Medical Alert Devices

Voice-activated medical alert devices have revolutionized how we approach health care and emergencies. These innovative devices allow users to access help with the simple sound of their voice, providing peace of mind and convenience in times of need. With HandsFree Health technology, users can get assistance quickly and discreetly without fumbling for a button or manually making a call.

HandsFree Health specifically offers three voice-activated devices designed to keep users’ safety and protection as the number one priority. Voice-activated medical alert devices are designed to be easy to use and understand. They have various features—such as fall detection, GPS tracking, and two-way communication—that allow users to stay connected with family members or caregivers in an emergency. The voice-activated devices for seniors can also be programmed with personalized information about the user’s medical history and contact information for family members or health care providers. 

What is WellBe®? A senior couple walks together in the woods.

HandsFree Health is the creator of WellBe, the premier voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform. WellBe was designed to help people access their health and wellness resources by using their voice in the easiest way possible. WellBe is a voice-enabled digital health platform that keeps everyone connected to their health and wellness. The WellBe emergency alert system voice-activated devices come as a smart speaker, medical alert watch, and pendant. Seniors, caregivers, families, and even businesses can use the HIPAA-compliant smart speaker and other devices to maintain their well-being.

WellBe Medical Alert Device and Smart Speaker

The WellBe Medical Alert Device and Smart Speaker is a revolutionary device that combines the latest voice-activated technology with medical alert functionality. This device provides users with hands-free access to emergency support, medical advice, and more. With WellBe®, users can easily call for help and access personalized medical information in seconds.

The WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker is designed for safety and convenience, making it the perfect choice for seniors or those with limited mobility. You can use your voice to ask the smart speaker a question or command it to contact assistance with a voice-activated emergency call. Simply say, “Okay, WellBe…” and provide the question or comment.

The smart speaker can provide:

 A family looks at a father’s medical alert watch that features two-way communication.

  • Medication Reminder Alarms
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Answers to Health Questions
  • Family Caregiver Notifications
  • Prescription Refill Reminders
  • Pricing Estimates
  • Medicare and Insurance Benefits Information
  • Audiobooks
  • Music
  • News Updates
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Stock Market Updates

The device can be paired with a smartphone app, which allows family members or caregivers to monitor their loved ones remotely and get notified of potential emergencies. With HandsFree Health’s WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker, you can rest assured knowing that help is only a voice command away.

WellBe Medical Alert Watch

HandsFree Health’s WellBe Medical Alert Watch is the perfect solution for those needing medical alert protection. This cutting-edge device combines convenient wearable technology with voice-activated life-alert emergency response capabilities. The watch has a built-in panic button, which allows users to call for help with the press of a button immediately. Additionally, it includes an integrated GPS tracker, allowing family members or caregivers to quickly locate the user in case of an emergency.

The WellBe Medical Alert Watch is designed for comfort and convenience, making it ideal for those who are always on the move. The device features two-way communication, so in an emergency, the watch allows you to speak directly with our United States-based Emergency Monitoring Center. The watch is lightweight and water resistant, allowing users to take it anywhere without worrying about damaging it. It also has a long battery life, so users don’t have to constantly worry about charging it.

The WellBe Medical Alert Watch includes:

 A multigenerational family cooks together in a kitchen.

  • Mobile PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)
  • 24/7 Access to Emergency Monitoring Service
  • 4G Connectivity
  • GPS location
  • Pedometer
  • Heart-rate sensor
  • Digital or analog watch faces

A user can use the WellBe Medical Alert Watch with the WellBe Virtual Health Assistant Smart Speaker to provide ease and security.

WellBe Medical Alert Pendant

HandsFree Health’s WellBe Medical Alert Pendant is a discreet and innovative device designed to provide users with assurance in any situation. The pendant is an ultra-light, low-profile, 4G-enabled medical alert device that aims to keep you safe at home or on the go. It features two-way communication like the other devices so that a user can communicate with emergency personnel if needed.

The WellBe Medical Alert Pendant is designed for comfort and convenience, making it ideal for those who want medical alert protection without wearing a bulky device. The pendant is lightweight and waterproof, allowing users to take it anywhere without worrying about damaging it. There is also a fall detection add-on, so the pendant can detect a fall and send a signal for help. With HandsFree Health’s WellBe Medical Alert Pendant, you can stay safe and connected, no matter where your day takes you.

Be Heard. Be Healthy. Be Empowered.

HandsFree Health’s innovative voice-activated medical alert devices offer users the peace of mind that help is only a voice command away. Whether you’re at home or on the go, these devices provide users with the security and convenience they need to stay safe in any situation. Shop now to get a voice-activated medical alert device.