Smartwatch as a Medical Alert: Is WellBe Better than a Smartwatch?

A husband and wife walk safely, knowing they are in good hands with medical alert smartwatches.

Whether at home or in public, the ability to seek medical assistance in an emergency should not be a concern. During a potentially life-threatening situation, you want quick and easy access to urgent help. With medical alert watches like the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch, you have some components of a smartwatch as medical alert, with the primary focus of contacting emergency dispatchers in seconds. Unlike a standard smartwatch, a medical alert watch is essentially a smartwatch with medical alerts. Understanding the differences between standard smartwatches versus a smartwatch as a medical alert will help you choose what’s best for you. 

The Difference Between Medical Alert Watches and Standard Smartwatches

 A group of friends kicks a soccer ball, knowing their smartwatch with medical alert is at their convenience.

Standard smartwatches are designed to be worn on your wrist and act as a smartphone extension. The smartwatch can let you send texts, make calls, act as a wallet, track health and fitness, and even check social media. They are designed for entertainment as well as everyday use.

A medical alert watch is similar to a smartwatch, despite a few features. It acts as a smartwatch with medical alerts that can reach emergency services quickly. Compared to standard smartwatches, medical alert watches are specifically designed to assist someone in dire circumstances. Some allow the ability to make calls, but most importantly, they are designed to save lives. 

Why a Medical Alert Watch is Better than a Smartwatch for Emergencies  

A standard smartwatch offers many features that can be confusing to operate. Some smartwatches offer emergency contact services, but they can be more challenging to use than medical alert watches. Though standard watches do provide emergency services, setting those services up can be a hassle. You generally need to go into your settings and pair the smartwatch with an app on your phone. Some smartwatches also require that your phone must be on for the emergency services to work. So if your phone is turned off or dies, you cannot make an emergency call.

A grandpa gives his grandson a piggyback ride, knowing he can enjoy their time together because of medical alert smartwatches.

Medical alert watches are HIPAA compliant, specifically designed for emergencies and for aging in place. You also don’t need to be tech-savvy to work a smartwatch with medical alerts. With most medical alert watches, you simply hold a button on the side to contact a medical dispatcher. A study found that 86% of medical alert watches have saved someone from an incident at least once. Other than setting up a subscription, medical alert watches are easy to use. Like the WellBe Medical alert watch, these watches are designed with health and safety in mind. Incorporated in medical alert watches are: 

  • Voice commands: Voice commands allow for quick and easy two-way communication.
  • Pedometer: By using a built-in accelerometer, your medical alert watch can keep track of your step count.
  • Heart rate monitor: The smartwatch with medical alert provides an instant reading of your heart rate.
  • 24/7 Emergency Response: No matter the hour, you can be sure to get in contact with medical services to get the care you need.
  • Water-Resistant: Whether washing your hands or bathing, you do not need to worry about getting your watch wet since it is resistant to water.
  • GPS Location Tracking: When calling for medical support, your medical alert watch will send a GPS location to emergency responders to pinpoint your location.
  • Fall Detection: In the event of a fall, medical alert watches can detect the accident and immediately send for help, even without even touching a button. WellBe offers the WellBe Pendant with a fall detection subscription that can match the WellBe smartwatch. 

The Choice is Yours

A senior woman has fun cooking in her kitchen, knowing her smartwatch with medical alert keeps her safe in her home.

Choosing between a standard smartwatch and a medical alert watch depends on user preference. Choose the smartwatch if you like all the features. But a medical alert watch is the most suitable choice if you want the best device to get instant care with technology designed to save lives. 

The WellBe by HandsFree Health offers the smartwatch as a medical alert so you can Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered. Visit our website to learn more or purchase a WellBe Medical Alert Watch. 

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