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The Most Advanced Voice-Activated Medical Alert System

HandsFree Health offers the only medical alert device with WellBe®, a voice-activated medical alert system that does more than assist in an emergency. Use it daily to make calls, receive medication reminders, manage appointments, and track vital health information like blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight. WellBe® even plays music, news, audiobooks, weather forecasts, and more.

The Choice is Clear

WellBe’s emergency device features and price provide unmatched value, offering everyday convenience and the best medical alert functionality through our U.S.-based monitoring center.

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Watch Speaker Pendant
Platform Features:
Secure and HIPAA-Compliant
Emergency Features:
Fall detection
Voice-Activated Call for Help
24/7 Emergency Call Feature
GPS Location
Help Button
4G LTE with Optional Wifi
Family Support/Caregivers:
One Touch Connection to Family
Caregiver Team Collaboration
Remote Registration for Family
Non-Compliance Alerts to Family
Health Features:
Voice-Enabled Health Assistant
Authoritative Health Information
Medication, Appointment, and Refill Reminders
Preventative and Personalized Services
Provider Searches
National Directory Searches
Pet Health Information
Health Rate Monitor

Medical Alert Watch

Security On-the-Go

In an emergency, press a button on your wrist to summon help and speak to support in seconds. Assistance is always one button away.

Side Button

Press and hold the side button to activate a voice-activated medical alert emergency call.


WellBe® starts a seven-second countdown to let you cancel accidental calls.

Emergency Support

Speak into the medical alert watch to connect with emergency services.

Help Is On The Way

Emergency services are dispatched to your location using GPS technology.

The medical alert watch also comes with several other features:

Heart Rate Monitor & Pedometer

Monitor your heart rate anytime and anywhere to better understand how your body responds to exercise, stress, and other daily activities. The built-in pedometer tracks every step, helping you stay active.

Answers Questions

Take WellBe® with you anywhere you go. When you wear the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch, the award-winning virtual health assistant will answer your health questions, provide medication reminders, and even lead you to the nearest urgent care center.

Safe Showering

With an IPX7 water immersion rating, the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch is fully water-resistant. There is no need to remove your watch for daily activities like washing hands, watering plants, or bathing, so you can stay safe wherever you are.

Optional Fall Detection

The emergency alert watch with optional fall detection can automatically contact emergency services in the event of a fall. If the wearer is incapacitated, fall detection ensures they get the necessary care.

Medical Alert Pendant

If a watch isn’t your thing, the WellBe ultralight Medical Alert Pendant provides protection and security on the go. In a compact and discreet package, it includes state-of-the-art emergency assistance.

The Medical Alert Pendant packs a big punch in a small package, with features including:

24/7 Emergency Response

In the event of a fall, always have access to emergency help with the press of a button.

Optional Fall Detection

Users can subscribe to fall detection to be protected if they fall and cannot reach the SOS button.


With 4G connectivity, wearers can share their location with emergency dispatch to get help wherever they are.

Water Resistance

Use the pendant in the rain, in the shower, while watering the plants, or anywhere else with IPX7 water resistance.

Medical Alert Smart Speaker

The WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker isolated on a white background with a stethoscope.
handsfree health partner logos from left to right include iHeart radio, weather channel, Spotify, NPR, audiobook store and pet health

More Than Just a Medical Alert Device

The Medical Alert Smart Speaker is more than just a voice-activated medical alert device; it’s an entertainment hub with features no other medical alert system offers. Some of its features include:

A closeup of the WellBe Smart Speaker with an emergency call in progress.

Emergency Alert

In a medical emergency, say a variety of phrases, including "OK, WellBe," "Help," "OK, WellBe, call 911," etc. WellBe® uses far-field voice control to hear you from across the room and connect you with our U.S.-based monitoring center, which will dispatch first responders to your address.

Two people test the voice recognition feature on the WellBe Smart Speaker.

Voice Recognition

The WellBe® Medical Alert Speaker features advanced voice recognition technology that identifies the user and personalizes the response. Voice recognition also helps keep health information private.

WellBe Medical Alert Smart Speaker with a glass of water and pill under a speech bubble reminding the user to take meds.


In addition to setting a reminder to take your medication, WellBe® knows the prescribing doctor, prescription number, and refill instructions. It even tracks how many pills you have. WellBe® will alert you when it's time to refill and even offers to call the pharmacy. WellBe® can also notify a caregiver if a medication is missed.

A turquoise symbol locked on a shield over computer code in the background to symbolize privacy.

Privacy and Security

WellBe® technology is HIPAA-compliant, never records conversations, and keeps your personal health information safe. Our platform is a closed source, and we don't allow users to download or use outside applications.

Whenever you want to access your voice-activated medical alert system, say, “OK, WellBe….” You can access everything WellBe® offers, including great entertainment and news from our partners: Spotify,, iHeartRadio, NPR News, AccuWeather, and more. Visit our website to learn more and shop for our WellBe® voice-activated medical alert devices.

Health Reminders

Get notified of medications and appointments, plus reminders to schedule annual exams.

Caregiver Notifications

Stay connected with loved ones with hands-free calling and care notifications.

Number Tracking

Track your blood pressure, glucose, and weight. WellBe alerts you if your readings require attention.

Curated Health Information

Ask health questions and receive answers from our extensive health library.

General Knowledge, News & Stock Updates

WellBe answers all kinds of questions and provides news reports, stock updates, and sports scores.

Weather Forecasts

WellBe® provides local weather forecasts powered by Accuweather.

Music & Audio Books

Listen to music from iHeartRadio and enjoy audiobooks from

Remote Registration

Set up and manage WellBe from anywhere with the WellBe Virtual Assistant App

Petcare Information

WellBe® provides answers to your pet’s health questions.

Ready to Invest in Your Safety?

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