How Senior Care Technology Improves Seniors’ (and Caregivers’) Lives

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Senior living communities need to make adopting smart technology solutions a priority, according to Dr. Eric George, founder and CEO of ERG Enterprises. Noting significant increases in senior care technology investment, George argues “providers must substantially allocate more funds to adopting the smart systems that address the whole-health of older Americans, including physiological, social, mental and emotional.”

 Senior couple sit on couch at home, smiling as they hold and use tablet computer to video conference with family members.

While nothing can replace in-person interaction and hands-on care, senior care technology can be a powerful tool for helping your senior living residents live healthier, more fulfilling lives. From immediate emergency response to entertainment and more, technology can help fill caregiving gaps, ensuring seniors are healthy, safe, and engaged — even when your staff isn’t present. 

HandsFree Health is proud to be at the forefront of senior living technology. Our collection of devices can improve the lives of seniors and their caregivers. The WellBe® Smart Speaker, Smartwatch, and Pendant each offer a full array of features designed to ease many of senior living’s biggest challenges.

The WellBe Family of Devices 

HandsFree Health offers several devices designed specifically for seniors, which can be used on their own or together.

 Four senior living community residents sit in chairs, stretching their left arms above their heads during an exercise class.

The WellBe Smart Speaker is a voice-activated, HIPAA-compliant virtual health assistant. All users need to do is ask, and the speaker can provide important health information, medication management, appointment reminders, access to emergency assistance, and more, including hands-free calling and access to entertainment. 

The WellBe Smartwatch puts many of the Smart Speaker’s features in a handy wearable device. The stylish watch serves as a pedometer and heart rate monitor. It provides appointment reminders, medical information, and access to emergency assistance. The Smartwatch also offers optional fall detection, alerting emergency services to a hard fall and using built-in GPS to get help when it’s needed most. 

The WellBe Pendant is the latest addition to the WellBe family. Designed to be worn discreetly, this lightweight pendant provides peace of mind and instant access to emergency services. The pendant also includes fall detection, and can automatically call for help even when the wearer can’t. 

The WellBe family of devices fills a critical need in senior living communities. The features and services they provide can help meet your residents’ physical, social, and psychological needs, improving their lives while supporting your caregiving team.

How WellBe’s Senior Care Technology Improves Lives 

WellBe’s devices offer a range of features. But how, specifically, do they help your residents?

Personal Emergency Response System

WellBe checks all the boxes when it comes to an emergency call system for your community.

Senior woman sits on couch using laptop computer to video conference with family members, as three other seniors watch.

The wearable devices with fall detection help your residents maintain their independence and dignity while providing customizable support and services, two-way communication, and voice-activated calling. 

Your residents can feel more secure knowing they’ll receive help when they need it. And your staff and leadership can be confident residents are receiving prompt, high-quality care.

Improved Health Management 

WellBe’s devices offer more than emergency response services. They are also virtual health assistants, providing such personalized health information as medication reminders, doctor visit reminders, and up-to-date health insurance coverage information. The devices can also keep track of health data—blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, and more.

When combined with the WellBe HandsFree+ app, the Smart Speaker can connect with hundreds of the top smart medical devices. The information it safely stores makes it easy for your residents to stay on top of their health. It helps their caregivers do so, too. 

Better Communication 

Social isolation and loneliness are real concerns for seniors, even those in senior living communities where they can participate in activities and meet new friends. Technology from WellBe helps reduce this social isolation by making it easier for your residents to stay in touch with friends and family members through simple, hands-free calling. 

And for the community, WellBe makes it easy to share news and updates that keep residents engaged. All they need to do is ask “WellBe, what’s on the calendar today?” or something similar, and they’ll know what’s going on.

Improved Staffing

It’s no secret senior living communities face staffing challenges. Turnover and the cost of recruiting and onboarding new staff are high, and your staff is busier than ever. 

Automating certain tasks with smart technology can remove some of your staff’s burdens while ensuring residents receive the highest quality care.

Implementing Technology into Your Senior Living Community

If you’re among the many senior living community leaders looking for easy and effective technology that can improve operations and your residents’ experience, download HandsFree Health’s free guide, “The Senior Living Community Guide to Senior-Focused Technology.”

Created specifically for residential community leaders like you, this detailed guide shows you how WellBe Voice-Assisted Healthcare devices can help solve some of your most pressing problems and improve life for your residents and caregiving staff.

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