Get Help in a Medical Emergency (and More) from WellBe

These days, it seems like we can get almost anything at the touch of a button—or, at the most, a few clicks. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to get information, make purchases, and stay in touch with friends and family. And perhaps no one benefits more from the boom in simple smart home devices than seniors who want to age in place and remain in their own homes for as long as possible. 

Senior woman takes care of houseplants in a greenhouse at home.

Smart home technology not only makes life easier, though. It can also make it safer. In fact, devices like the WellBe Medical Alert Plus®, which combines a smart speaker with a medical alert smartwatch, are essentially a help button for elderly individuals who want to remain independent, active, and safe. 

Keeping loved ones safe and ensuring they have access to emergency assistance when they need it most is a priority for family caregivers. Thanks to WellBe, getting that peace of mind is easier than ever. 

Why a Help Button is a Must 

Many older adults resist the idea of using a medical alert system. Some may feel that wearing a device on a lanyard is a constant reminder of their advancing age, while others find the devices uncomfortable. Still, others feel like they are healthy and active, so why do they need to wear something marketed to those who are frail or ill?

The fact is, falls are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities among seniors. The CDC reports that more than 36 million adults fall every year, and at least 20% of those accidents cause serious injuries, including broken bones and concussions. Even relatively healthy individuals can trip, slip, or lose their balance as a result of medication, vision changes, or illness. Without access to immediate emergency assistance, even a relatively minor accident could easily turn tragic.

Falls aren’t the only concern for family caregivers when it comes to their loved ones. The National Institute on Aging reports that 80% of adults over age 65 have at least one chronic condition, and 60% have two or more. These conditions include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses like asthma and COPD, and cognitive and neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. Any of these conditions can create a medical emergency, because with falls, not having access to immediate emergency assistance can drastically affect outcomes. 

Investing in a smart home device that serves as a help button for elderly loved ones, like the WellBe Medical Alert Plus, gives you peace of mind that assistance will be on the way as soon as it’s needed. It also offers increased independence for seniors, who can be comfortable enjoying their normal activities knowing that they can get help with just the push of a button.

Why WellBe is Not Your Average Medical Alert System 

Unfortunately, some personal emergency response systems and devices have a reputation for being bulky, cumbersome, and uncomfortable to wear. Some work only within a few feet of a receiver, making seniors feel uncomfortable leaving home or venturing too far. Others do not offer 24/7 monitoring and assistance. 

Happy senior couple dances together in their kitchen.

WellBe is different. It’s much more than just a help button for seniors. The system includes both the WellBe Smart Speaker, a voice-activated virtual health assistant that can call for help on command, and a stylish smartwatch with emergency medical alert capabilities. 

However, WellBe is much more than a medical alert system. The Smart Speaker offers an array of features, including:

  • Voice-activated calling to friends and family
  • Answers to questions about health, insurance coverage, and more
  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • The option to track vital health information, including blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, and weight
  • Access to entertainment, including audiobooks, music, news, sports, and weather

The WellBe Medical Alert Smartwatch enhances these features, adding a heart rate monitor and a pedometer as well as the ability to access emergency services. Equipped with 4G cellular service and GPS, the watch ensures that the 24-hour monitoring services can send help to the user’s exact location in a medical emergency, saving precious time. 

The cellular service and GPS also offer flexibility. There’s no need for a receiver and no limits on where the help button can be used, giving active seniors freedom to do what they love and go where they want to go.

The HandsFree Health Mobile App

Both the WellBe Smart Speaker and Smartwatch work with the HandsFree + app, which allows your family caregiving circle to stay in touch and on track with responsibilities. The easy, intuitive app brings all the best features of WellBe to your mobile device, helping you keep track of medication, medical information, contacts, and more. It’s just one more way WellBe helps your loved one stay safe and healthy.

WellBe is Your Partner in Caregiving 

Caregiving is challenging. Keeping all of the plates spinning while ensuring your loved ones are safe and have the best quality of life can feel overwhelming. Technology like WellBe’s family of smart devices helps lighten some of the load. 

To help you get started on your caregiving journey, download your complimentary copy of HandsFree Health’s guide, Caring for Aging Parents 101. This helpful eBook highlights resources and devices to make caregiving easier, helps you prioritize your responsibilities, and offers tips and advice from experts. Get your copy today, and start your journey toward successful caregiving.