Seven Aspects of Aging in Place Technology That Encourage Independence

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What is Aging Technology

Aging in place technology enables maturing individuals and caregivers a level of freedom and security they may not have realized (and will be all too happy to learn about!) But, before diving into the features and benefits of this technology, you may be wondering: 

What is meant by aging in place?A mature woman prepares to take her medication held in one hand, a glass of water in the other, sitting on her couch.

If you have decided to “age in place,” it may come from a desire to remain independent. Or, sometimes a loved one must choose aging in place because of the rising cost of healthcare, senior living, or assisted living costs. Regardless of why you or a family member ages in place, there are certain concerns to contemplate:

  • What if medication doses are missed?
  • What if doctor’s appointments are never scheduled?
  • What if a fall occurs when no one is around? 
  • What if loneliness and isolation sets in?
  • What if health plans and benefits are too confusing to navigate alone?

As a user-friendly voice-activated healthcare assistant, WellBe® is a perfect example of why aging in place technology serves an important role for both seniors and their caregivers. Now, let’s take a look at how it works. 

How a Voice Activated Healthcare Assistant Works (and Improves Quality of Life)

There are different types of aging technology designed for specific purposes, which include: 

  • Hearing technology to help improve sound quality for hearing-impaired populations 
  • Camera and web-based monitoring systems to help serve as solutions to caregiver shortages
  • Voice-activated healthcare assistants that allow seniors and caregivers to access important health information, schedule medication and healthcare appointment reminders, and remain connected to friends and family

The third category listed is one of the most rapidly rising and inarguably vital facets of aging in place technology

And, here is the reason why: According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 73 million baby boomers, who by 2030, will all be age 65 or older. Another study on maturing populations demonstrated that individuals over the age of 80 are growing at 4% per year, and by 2050, those aged 60 and above will outnumber children aged 14 and under. The demand for affordable, comprehensive support for aging in place is growing exponentially. Aging technology in the form of voice-enabled assistance has—and continues to be—one of the best ways to accomplish both. A senior woman and her young family member hug outside near the beach on a sunny day.

As aging in place rises, either out of preference or necessity, the need for technology also increases. So much so, in fact, that a report published by the White House, “Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population,” stressed the need and value of technology that would:

  • Reduce missed daily medications
  • Remind seniors and caregivers to schedule doctor’s appointments (and alert them to when upcoming office visits are coming)
  • Enable seniors to remain connected to their loved ones
  • Help provide easily-accessible information on health, nutrition, and other areas that support daily, independent living

At HandsFree Health we purposefully designed the WellBe to assist in alleviating many of the areas of worry that both mature adults and caregivers experience. Our founders are all former healthcare professionals who understand the complexities that come with aging in place. We also know that in addition to providing support for activities of daily living, that a voice-activated assistant should also keep seniors socially connected and improve their quality of life

The result: WellBe! A user-friendly virtual healthcare assistant that only needs a plug-in outlet, Wi-Fi, and your voice to:A mature woman wraps her arms around her mature husband on the couch, both smiling.

    1. Send an Emergency Alert
      WellBe Smartwatch is attuned to emergency scenarios 24/7 365 days a year, with one of the most advanced emergency medical alert (U.S.-based) monitoring systems. 
    2. Set-up Medication and Appointment Reminders
      No more forgetting to take daily medications or missing medical appointments. WellBe will inform you (or your family member) when it’s time to take a prescription. And, it can even send texts to caregivers if their loved one forgot to take a dose of medication. 
    3. Create Personalized Health Information
      Once WellBe has your health information, you can ask specific questions on-demand. For example, “Ok, WellBe, does my health plan cover an eye exam?” Or, “Ok, WellBe, which health providers are closest to where I live?” 
    4. Share Important Health Vitals
      You can ask WellBe to share your last blood pressure reading, glucose levels, and more —it will even tell you if it’s in the normal range (or not).
    5. Access Music and Audiobooks
      You or your loved one can play a favorite song, listen to a much-anticipated story via audiobook—all by just asking. 
    6. Get News and Weather Updates
      Never fall behind on the latest news and always be ready for rain or sunshine. Simply say, “Ok, WellBe, tell me the news”, and “Ok, WellBe what is the forecast for tomorrow morning!”
    7. Stay Connected to Family and Friends
      Once your contacts are entered, you can ask WellBe to call your daughter, son, nephew, neighbor, or anyone listed in your contacts list. 

In addition to providing high-quality home and community support to seniors and caregivers, WellBe is also HIPAA compliant (assuring that your information is protected and reinforced by multiple layers of security). 

Even while many people prefer to age in place, it can be worrisome for mature adults and those who help care for them. Safety, loneliness, and quality of life are often top concerns. WellBe, however, takes worry out of the equation and replaces fear with freedom. Both those aging in place and those who provide caregiving aging services experience peace of mind knowing that protection and empowerment are always at their fingertips (and voice). 

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