Proactive Approaches to Improve Employee Health May Save You More Than Money!

A female HR director uses proactive approaches to improve employee health with HFH Go.

The cost of an ambivalent or passive approach to the physical and mental health of employees may be more staggering than you think.

The statistics make it quite clear: proactive approaches to improve employee health can significantly save money for your company. And, generally, healthy employees are happier employees. 

A female businesswoman consults with a mature male doctor to be proactive about their health.As an employer or human resources professional, we have a feeling we may not be alerting you to new information. You are likely well aware of the monetary and logistical impacts of unhealthy employees. Your problem, however, is likely more about how to find a proactive approach—and one that won’t:

  • Require more of your time (that you simply don’t have to spare)
  • Create further frustration among employees (one more thing they have to do)
  • Cause even more confusion about employee benefits 
  • Cost your company even more money (on top of rising healthcare costs)

At HandsFree Health, we are happy to deliver a proactive solution that circumvents these challenges. This answer to your proactive problem also elicits the end result you want—an easy strategy that saves money, time, and makes for healthier employees.  

Why is a Proactive Approach so Critical to the Success of Employees in Terms of Health?

A young black businessman wearing a suit checks his employee benefits on the HFH Go app on his phone.Part of the answer to the question posed above has been illuminated in the statistics we provided regarding employees’ mental and physical health. Taking a back-seat approach simply does not incentivize or encourage employees to take ownership of their health. But, a proactive, engaging solution does. The problem, however, as we previously discussed is the challenges HR directors must constantly face; lack of time, employee benefits’ communication problems, and rising healthcare costs.

At HandsFree Health we recognized the need for a proactive solution to employee health issues, that also acknowledges the obstacles incumbent upon employers and HR professionals. In response, we created the solution! HFH Go is an extension of our WellBe® Smart Healthcare Assistant Platform. As a HIPAA-compliant voice-enabled virtual health assistant system, HFH Go empowers employees to take an active role in their health. And, in doing so, relieves much of the burden formerly placed on HR. 

How Can I Make my Employees More Proactive with HFH Go?

HFH Go provides a host of features to enable employees to improve management of chronic conditions, reduce costly medication non-adherence, and lower healthcare costs for your company. Once your employees download the HFH Go app to their smartphone, they can:

  • Organize and manage their medications
  • Set-up medication and doctor’s appointment reminders
  • Track health vitals such as weight, glucose levels, and blood pressure
  • Ask health-related questions 

How HR Directors Like You Are Saving Time and Money

 Employees wearing face masks work in the office being proactive with their health by social distancing. When we say that HFH Go “invites employees to ask questions about their health,” we should include an asterisk, bold, underline, and exclamation point! With HFH Go, employees can ask their own questions (and receive instant answers):

  • How much of my deductible have I spent this year?
  • What are the symptoms of a stroke?
  • What was my last blood pressure reading?
  • And the list goes on!

By answering these questions and many, many others, you can focus your attention on other HR tasks. And, your employees are able to get the answers they need quickly, allowing them to remain proactive in their health and wellness. As your employees become healthier and happier, your company saves. Did you know that we discovered $1,700 is the estimated annual savings from decreased absenteeism? Now, imagine how HFH Go can bring that number down.

Implement a Proactive Approach: Increase Productivity

If you are ready to implement a proactive approach to your employees’ health and wellness and increase productivity in your workplace (including your job role), we are here to help. Request a Demo

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